Protecting Our Primary Industries

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

One Nation will protect our primary industries from deregulation and withdraw from international treaties which put us at any disadvantage.

Our aims include:
  1. Stringent Quarantine and Custom requirements.
  2. Tariff protection in line with reciprocal trading partners, to offset foreign subsidised competition.
  3. Re-regulate, to create efficient marketing agencies to maximise returns. 
  4. Encourage farm forestry.
  5. Research into by-products utilization and value adding.
  6. Australian products promotion and content identification of all products.
  7. Urgent measures and financial support to reverse salinity.
  8. Better infrastructure.
  9. Environmental conservation – instead of preservation.
  10. Population decentralisation.
  11. Government Bank with local branches.
  12. No privatisation of water.
  13. No majority foreign ownership of Australian land or resources.
  14. Curb investment speculations which drive up the price of land.
  15. Public Assets are not for sale.
  16. Regulated and uniform fuel prices to reduce costs.
  17. Promote tourism.
  18. No Genetically Modified Organism – (GMO). We would only allow for genetic modification done the     traditional way.

Australia’s rural and regional communities are key contributors to our economy. We cannot afford losing their input and their skills. Without them, we would not stand a chance in times of crisis. One Nation firmly believes that a thriving rural and regional sector is vital for Australia’s economy and future.

One Nation will re-establish marketing boards to ensure a fair price for rural commodities! Importation of food products will be restricted by “Tariffs” to protect local industry.

Australia is capable of producing any agriculture product needed for use or consumption by its people. The livelihood of efficient traditional producers must not be destroyed by low priced imports. Tariffs (or adjustments) must be provided to protect endangered agricultural products. The U.S.A, Japan and E.E.C. will not stop protecting their farmers in order to buy Australian farm products. We must do the same. Imports that endanger the health of our primary industries must be excluded. Our ocean fisheries must be protected to exclude poachers and prevent over fishing.

One Nation will ensure stringent quarantine inspection and treatment procedures to prevent the import of pests, diseases, noxious weeds and contaminated foods. All produce from contaminated countries shall be prohibited entry. Under On Nation, if a country’s produce has contamination or disease, it simply won’t be permitted into Australia. No matter how safe it is claimed to be.

One Nation supports the Australian farmers who have worked hard over many years to develop their properties and improve farming practices, becoming the most efficient producers in the world. We will encourage them to continue and improve these long-term sustainable productive levels and will oppose any U.N. treaties aimed at destroying them.

One Nation supports the Australian farmers. Many true Australians, tracing back to our early settlers, have worked hard over generations to establish and develop their properties and improve farming practices and despite the odds have become the most efficient producers in the world.

One Nation knows that our primary industries are a national asset and critical to our security. One Nation will support continued growth in our primary industries, encouraging environmental-friendly economical, sustainable production and ethical resource use. In their pursuit of Globalism, they have managed to destroy our rural industries to the extent that we now have to import food that we once produced here. We will reverse this. 

There is only One Nation left to oppose them, a party that is not funded by and subservient to the multinationals; but instead represents the farmers and the hopes of the Australian people.

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