Protect Our Children, At Any Cost!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Not often do I agree with Terry Sweetman, but his comment (SM 6/7/14) that the government needs to immediately put up the extra $104 million to continue the work into investigating child abuse is absolutely correct. 

There can be no other response to this urgent need. For decades we have, as a society , turned a blind eye to the suffering of our children.  In fairness most decent ordinary people were unaware it was even happening, but now there are no excuses. We know about the horrible abuses that have happened and continue to happen. Governments, who knew better, have neglected this issue for far too long.

Some of the cases now being investigated are enough to stop you from sleeping at night, especially if you are a father or mother of young children yourself.  I have two 8 year old daughters and three foster daughters and I find it almost incomprehensible that some parents can do these things to their own children (or anyone else's).

I implore the LNP, put up the money so the Commission can finish it's work, just do it, whatever it takes, or hang your heads in shame!

Jim Savage
State President
One Nation Queensland



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