Politicians Need To Toughen Up

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ahead of Australia’s 100 year anniversary of the ANZACs landing at Gallipoli, the Federal Police have foiled a terrorist attack, aimed at causing mayhem and dishonour to those who fought for our country at this years ANZAC Day March in Melbourne.

It’s understood two men, as young as 18 have been arrested, while another three are also reported to be involved in the plot. Reports alleged those arrested have connections to ISIS.

A plot against former and current veterans, as well as the thousands who turn out each year to recognise the sacrifice these service men and women make is nothing short of what most Australians would call a ‘dog-act’.

ANZAC Day, unlike other public holidays in this country, has no religious connection. This plot was simply designed to oppose Australia’s way of life, democracy and culture, while instilling fear on what should be a day of national pride.

Your radical Islamic beliefs do not belong here!

This act of terrorism has not happened by chance. It has occurred because our state and federal leaders, have failed to speak up and represent the overwhelming majority opinion of Australians. Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Opposition leader Bill Shorten are a disgrace for allowing Islam and its followers to further their cause in our country.

Our Nation will face civil unrest, violence and incompatibility, left to fester and grow because of cowardice leaders who would rather push multiculturalism over what is best for Australia.

When are Governments going to halt the approval of mosques that preach hatred of the west, cease halal certification, and stop the influx of Muslims into this country? The extreme interpretations of the koran are at work to undermine us as a nation and all that we stand for.

Australians stand with me when I say, we will not allow you to turn our nation into an Islamic state. We will not tolerate your fear campaigns abroad or on home soil and we will continue to overwhelmingly depose Islam having any further impact on our way of life.

Now Australians will be looking at the courts and how they deal with this terrorist plot. Will the judge give adequate sentences that befits the crime?

I will join millions of Australians on Saturday to commemorate and celebrate who we are and why we are the lucky country.

I make no apologies to anyone for being a true blue Aussie. 

Lest we forget.

Pauline Hanson
Leader of One Nation



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