Peter Beattie Cannot Be Trusted

Saturday, August 31, 2013

It makes me sick to my stomach when I read the article Peter Beattie wrote in the Australian today. He said “beneath all the political hurly-burly and competition there was a sense of decency and fair play.” 

It’s now the 10-year anniversary of my jailing for electoral fraud, it was Mr Beattie when Premier who facilitated law changes that unfairly and greatly increased my sentence. 

Peter Beattie cannot be trusted, he introduced increased maximum sentences for electoral fraud, when Premier of Queensland, and then made them retrospective, which directly impacted on me and my case. The maximum sentence was six months and a $1,500 fine, but Mr Beattie modified the laws eight months after I was charged and four years after the alleged offence had occurred. Mr Beattie increased the penalty from six months to seven years. Also according to the legislation anyone found guilty of electoral fraud would have a criminal offence registered against their name, which was not the case prior to the changes. This would have disallow me from standing for politics again.

As a result, I was sentenced to three years on each of the three charges for a cumulative nine years which was reduced to three years to be served concurrently with no parole. I was a thorn in the government’s side, and the Coalition, they felt threatened. I faced a witch hunt trial and they had to get rid of me. 

Leanne Claire head of the Department of Public Prosecutions disregarded two police reports stating there was no case. Leanne Claire was appointed a judge in Queensland a short time later. I still maintain I should never have been charged. There was no case to answer under the electoral act.

If Peter Beattie is Rudd’s answer to cleaning up the Labor party, I don’t hold much hope for the people of Australia if they are elected.

Peter Beattie, along with Bob Carr are seeking election. They are already receiving state pensions, why put them on the federal payroll as well?

This is my experience with Peter Beattie and my personal opinion.  

Pauline Hanson



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