Paris Under Siege

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Overnight's terrorist attacks on the streets of the most romantic city in the world, does not come as a complete shock to me, just anger and heart felt pain for those affected in a country that is suffering at the hands of Islam for the second time in 12 months.

Innocent people attending a theatre found themselves confronted by 5 to 8 gunmen opening fire on them. The number of people killed in the theatre is now over 100, with many more deaths in other locations. It is reported that the attack ended with 7 of the terrorists detonating their bomb vests and 1 being shot by police.

There is no doubt this assault on the residents and tourists of Paris, was a well planned terrorist attack, with other attacks happening at the same time across the city. It has been reported as many as seven attacks were planned. A suicide bomber detonated a bomb during a football match at a stadium. Innocent victims were out for dinner, in a popular local, tourist café and a third attack occurred on a bar where patrons were sprayed with bullets in a drive by shooting. All three attacks have resulted in heavy loss of life and horrendous injuries. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks across Paris. Islam, the religion of peace; no their peace is when the world is an Islamic state.

This is murder; innocent people have lost their lives because gutless politicians and leaders keep telling us, we must not allow these attacks to stop our resolve or how we live our lives. The buck stops with our leaders! They are responsible for these terrorist attacks. Migrants have carried out a lot of these attacks around the world. Some as young as 9 have accompanied their parents to a their new found homeland and grown up with hatred embedded in them for their country and its people they were supposed to adopt. These people are indoctrinated with the totalitarian ideology of Islam. Islam and its followers are incompatible with Australia, and other western countries way of life, beliefs and laws.

We must STOP taking refugees and immigration from Middle Eastern and African countries of Islamic beliefs. Terrorism has already been felt on our streets with innocent Australians dying, and it will not be the last. Australian authorities have already confessed to 400 people currently under watch by ASIO. Reports from France admit that authorities there can not possibly know of every radical muslim, and admit this is an attack they missed. Australian muslims have left to fight with ISIS, while others here are wanting to leave and fight with the terrorist organisation. We have seen race riots on our streets, tensions growing over the building of more mosques, from Australians who don’t want them. Hate speeches against Aussies and girls being raped by Muslim men, who consider them sluts because of the way they dress.

Our politicians have cowered to the UN and other International bodies, for fear of being named and shamed. I don’t give a damn! If it is not right for Australia, then that is our right. We can learn a lot from Japan and how they control their borders.

Our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is currently in Germany and has been reported to suggest, Australia may take more than the 12,000 refugees we have committed ourselves to already take. He didn’t have the backbone to suggest this publicly before he left Australia. I don’t want the refugees we have committed to take, let alone more. He is on the world stage, big noting himself and standing in the limelight. Malcolm Turnbull has always wanted to be Prime Minister, but only got there by stealth. I wish he showed his warm and fussy demeanour for Australians. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I warn the Australian people, do not give this man complete power in both Houses of Parliament. The Labor Party and Greens are no better! We are in one hell of a mess! I have been warning Australians about this for nearly 20 years. What I say is fact, not fear mongering, as many would have you believe.

Pauline Hanson



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