The Asianisation of Australia

28 Jun 2013

Columnist, Michael Duffy, writing in TWA, on 10-11/1/98, said: "In 1993, Bob Hawke admitted that there has been an implicit pact between the major parties (involving the ACTU) to implement broad policies on immigration that they know are not generally endorsed by the electorate".  Read More

Why We Must Vote NO in the Local Government Referendum

25 Jun 2013

At this coming federal election you will be asked to vote on a referendum. Read More

Preferences - Why Hanson was Not Elected

25 Jun 2013

In 1998, The Howard Liberal Government changed the voting system just prior to the election to stop Pauline Hanson's One Nation, and it worked. Read More

Jobs for Australians Now and in the Future

24 Jun 2013

We need to support and promote our own home-grown tradesmen and women.  One Nation believe in an apprenticeship scheme that pays businesses 75% of the first year’s wage, 50% of the second and 25% of the third, to employ an apprentice - this would create employment. This will help struggling businesses, get our youth jobs and stop the import of skilled migrants taking jobs that belong to Australians.  Read More

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