Labor's Incompetence with Illegal Immigrants from Indonesia & Our Solutions

16 Jul 2013

Written by Pauline Hanson - NSW Senate Candidate
Regardless of one’s political persuasions most Australians are furious with the number of illegal boat people flooding our shores. Let’s not forget it was Rudd’s Labor Government that dismantled the Howard Pacific Solution in 2008. It was a policy that worked and did stop the illegal boats. Was it changed because of ego, I can imagine Kevin 07 not wanting to be aligned with a policy of Howards, or was it appeasing the Greens push to have it overturned? Read More

A Mans Word, Is It His Bond? Not With Barnaby Joyce or The Nationals

16 Jul 2013

By Jim Savage - QLD Senate Candidate
Barnaby Joyce was the Nationals Senate candidate in the 2004 election. He paraded up and down Qld declaring he would oppose the further sale of Telstra, if elected. In 1997 Pauline Hanson as the member for Oxley fought against the sale of Telstra and this was One Nations policy. Based on Barnaby’s platform, One Nation agreed to give him our second preference. Because of this and only this, One Nation’s preferences gave Barnaby his Senate seat. In return for our support the Nationals placed One Nation LAST in the distribution of preferences.  Read More

Understanding How To Vote for the Senate

12 Jul 2013

In the upcoming 2013 federal election, you will place 2 votes for Parliament – one for the Senate and the other for the House of Representatives. Read More

Understanding How to Vote for the House Of Reps

12 Jul 2013

The House of Reps is the Lower House of Parliament and is also known as 'The Lower House.' It is the green coloured room that you will see on TV. Read More

The US/Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act Passed Aug 2004

12 Jul 2013

Free Trade Agreements (FTA) are agreements relating to trade between two countries. The agreements cover farming, beef, pharmaceuticals, bio security, manufacturing, cotton, steel, wine and more. Read More

Kevin 07 & Labor's Failed Policies

04 Jul 2013

The Queensland Coroner investigating the deaths of four men over the pink bats debacle, slammed the Rudd Labor Government over its handling of the scheme between, 2009 – 10. The government was warned about the dangers of the plan but still proceeded. Read More

Housing - What is it costing Australians?

04 Jul 2013

Many Australians are finding it more and more difficult to own their own homes due to escalating costs and not being able to get out of the rental market.  Read More

Fraudulent Voting

04 Jul 2013

When Australians cast their votes at elections, are they getting who they really voted for? Electoral fraud is quite real and does happen in our elections. I know, I and One Nation have been a victim of it.  Read More

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