Climate Change Corruption

25 Jul 2013

Three major misrepresentations by advocates of unfounded climate alarm have been debunked and documented: Read More

Climate Change Motives

25 Jul 2013

Consider the bandwagon of beneficiaries of government abusing taxpayer funds to misrepresent climate: Read More

Climate Change? You Decide

25 Jul 2013

Over the past couple of decades, Australians have been told we are facing Global Cooling, then Global Warming. When that didn’t wash with the public, we were then told it was climate change. Media reports and visions on our televisions show flooding, fierce cyclones and unusual weather patterns. We are told the earth is heating, the seas are rising all due to climate change.  Read More

Understanding Agenda 21 a.k.a Sustainable Development

22 Jul 2013

Paul Keating Former Prime Minister of the Labor Party signed Australia up to the UN project known as Agenda 21. To understand why we now have a carbon tax you need to understand what Agenda 21 is about. It is a global treaty. Read More

Understand PNG and You Will Know Why Rudd's Solution Will Not Work

22 Jul 2013

One Nation has serious doubts about Kevin Rudd’s hastily made up PNG Solution.  Read More

Why Should You Vote for One Nation in the Senate?

22 Jul 2013

By Jim Savage 
We have plenty of career politicians already. We have plenty of ambitious men and women wanting  only to further their own personal power, wealth and the influence of their own Party. People who have never had a real job in the real world, so called leaders who wish to bend the reality to suit their own beliefs. We have an ever quickening corruption on every front, virtue mocked and expedience applauded, and hereand now is the future that was earned by that decline. Read More

The Hanson Persecution

21 Jul 2013

By John Carter, former journalist to the Land Newspaper - 25/2/10 
...Abbott, who was in a Cabinet that implemented three of Pauline Hanson’s six major points in her Maiden Speech, to be now pushing a fourth (non military national service) shows extraordinary hypocrisy. Abolition of ATSIC, changes to Lionel Murphy’s divorce laws, the Alice Springs-Darwin rail link are done. Abbott’s Finance Minister, Barnaby Joyce, is quite rightly, calling for the final two - a reduction in Australian debt and interest rates similar to the rest of the World.   Read More

Prime Minister Lurks & Perks

19 Jul 2013

Millions of Australians are struggling to meet their ever increasing living costs. To put a roof over their heads, to pay for their children’s education and the ever increasing costs for decent health care. Our aged pensioners live from day to day afraid to put the heating on in winter or the fan on in summer due to escalating electricity costs or live on a staple diet of bread and jam because buying a steak would blow the budget. Read More

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