Kill Kyoto Liabilities

24 Sep 2014

The Kyoto Protocol was dreamed up by the Climate Jet-set in Kyoto, Japan in 1997.  Read More

Mission Complete

22 Sep 2014

On Thursday 18th September, Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, quite rightly claimed victory over the people smugglers. He said after turning back 12 boats the flood dried up and only one boat came to Australia since they commenced the operation. In the same period last year 268 boats arrived in Australia, under Labor’s doomed policies.

 Read More

Maroochydore Mosque Protest

20 Sep 2014

Today at Maroochydore on Qld’s Sunshine Coast a large number of people gathered to peacefully demonstrate against the proposed building of a mosque, right next to the local Catholic church. Now considering it is illegal to build a Christian church in most Islamic countries, it is most insensitive and culturally dismissive to build a mosque in such a manner here in our backyard. I feel insulted! Read More

Terrorism - Why We Still Get It Wrong – By an Ex-Federal Cop

19 Sep 2014

Terrorism is always believed to be a tool to make the public fear a group or organisation and believed to put pressure on the day-to-day trading of a country. Read More

Terror Raids in Australia

18 Sep 2014

Today raids were carried out in Sydney and Brisbane by an anti terrorist police operation and 15 men arrested. Apparently they foiled a plot to kidnap and behead an innocent member of the public, to send a message to Australia (their adopted country) from their pals in I.S. (Islamic State).  Read More

Radical Islam?  SAS plus 82nd Airborn-  YES!

11 Sep 2014

The threat of radical Islam is no longer an academic one. It is real, it is current, and it is HERE! Read More

BRISBANE Islamic TERRORISTS? Surely a mistake!

10 Sep 2014

We sincerely hope we do not offend any muslim groups by mentioning the two terrorist recruiters arrested in Brisbane might be Muslims! Let’s not make anything of the fact they operated out of a bookshop called the “iQraa Islamic Centre” bookshop. I’m sure plenty of Christians and other non muslims also work in muslim centres. We mean they would not discriminate in the workplace. Before we go any further, let's all realise we are writing a satirical article here! Read More

Second Generation Jihadists

09 Sep 2014

Two weeks ago Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch were asked (on Channel Seven) to voice their opinions about the millions of dollars the federal government intends to spend to teach young muslims NOT to become involved in the fighting overseas or to become radicalised here in Australia. Read More

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