Our Legacy - What are we leaving our children?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

What was the legacy the WW2 generation (my parents generation) left Australia?

We believe it was a country where basically we were free to do whatever we pleased in the pursuit of happiness, as long as we did not break the law. There was enough work for those who wanted it, a pleasant lifestyle, the beaches, beautiful girls in bikinis, the bush, the footy…you name it. Australia had it all. We really were indeed the lucky country.

No More!

Our lifestyle, freedoms, right to enjoy ourselves as we see fit, is all under threat. Not just here in Australia but throughout the civilized world…from ISLAM!

The Islamic world is tearing itself apart, through its internal conflicts and subcultures battling for supremacy. Look at virtually any Islamic country on earth, how is it working out for them? And they want to bring it here! It is here! Just in not enough numbers to take over yet.

Islam is not a religion, let’s be quite clear about this, it is a violent political ideology with the thin covering of religion, to hide behind. It is not even a democratic religion at that, every Islamic country on earth has either a dictatorial or autocratic government. No democracy allowed.

Sharia law, as demanded by Islam, has such gems as legal killing of your own children if they offend you, genital mutilation of your daughters, beheadings, special taxes for non-muslims, halal food for all (like it or not), forced child marriage, prostitution (or as muslims call it, “a wife for one hour”) women are less worthy than men and are a possession of men (and can be beaten by their husbands at his pleasure), homosexuals must be executed, the list goes on. Of course if you are a muslim and wish to leave, you are to be put to death as an apostic. To criticise Islam is also punishable by death. Such a loving “religion”.

We ask any Australian, “are ANY of these laws acceptable to us?.” Islam preaches that the laws of Christian nations are NOT to be followed. It is forbidden to marry a Christian, and if you do, you are to be stoned to death as an adulterer.

Muslims were told by Mohammed to marry first cousins (or if your brother dies, marry his daughter, your niece). 1400 years of inbreeding has resulted in widespread birth defects causing 70% of Europe’s mentally and physically disabled children to come from just the 5% of the population, the muslim 5%. These are facts not opinions and were published in 'The Australian' last year.

Is it any wonder they are so easy to lead into wars and violent demonstrations, and to be suicide bombers, they are simply not that bright.

If Australia does not wake up, very very soon, we will follow the path of England, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Belguim, Spain etc. All these countries have had their social fabric destroyed by the muslim immigrants, wishing to turn the countries that gave them asylum into the dysfunctional cesspits they came from.

The invasion is on, how we respond to it will determine the LEGACY we leave to our children.



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