Our infrastructure won't cut it

Monday, May 25, 2015

The first national audit of Australia’s infrastructure handed down last week is not a surprise to most Australians. Roads across our nation, especially those in cities and on the outskirts, are gridlocked early morning and late afternoon and heavily congested during the rest of the day. 

With total Government National debt at approximately $682.870 Billion, our country is in one hell of a mess; interest on that alone is $96 Million a day. I blame both Liberal, Labor and the Nationals for the state of the economy. Since Gough Whitlam came to power in 1972 as leader of the Labor party this country has been led by Prime Ministers who had no vision for the future, opened the flood gates to immigration, and slowly destroyed the Australian work ethic, respect and responsibility.

Yes we were once a nation with wonderful opportunities, the world was our oyster. In the 1960’s jobs were plentiful, unemployment was almost unheard of and most families owned their own homes. Our population was approximately 13 million but enough taxes were collected to run the country and provide the infrastructure for the ever growing population. 

Now, no matter what area we look at, be it health, schools, hospitals, roads, nursing homes, policing and more, which is the government’s responsibility to provide for us, there is lacking in services, infrastructure, maintenance or inability to provide at all. This is due to poor management of our taxes, increasing levels of immigration that was and still is unsustainable, when we don’t have the money to build or repair.

Governments believe that immigration helps the economy and it may well do, especially for big business who can see more dollars flowing through their doors with higher sales. The reality is that the average Aussie is the one that is and will continue to suffer as queues continue to grow in waiting times for hospital treatment, seeing the doctor, placement of our children in schools and day-care and more congestion on our roads. 

What we need to do is encourage Australians to work. We cannot continue a welfare system that pays more than having a job, especially when you take into consideration income tax, cost of getting to work and being away from family and home.

Foreign investment is not the answer. Initially money is brought into the country but many businesses take their profits out of Australia and don’t pay taxes here. Also as time goes on, we will see more and more foreign workers taking up jobs with these foreign companies and more Australians will be thrown on the scrap heap. We have to get out of the 1953 Double Taxation Agreement that supports multinational companies, paying tax back in their capitol country. This will bring in billions a year.

Industry and Manufacturing must be encouraged and revitalised. Tariffs must be re-introduced on goods coming into the country that destroy Australian jobs and businesses, as we have seen in the past. We cannot compete with countries that pay a few dollars a day to their workers if we are to maintain our standard of living. We are fast becoming a third world country. 

Governments must curtail other wasteful spending and foreign aid, especially to Indonesia who we now give $350 million a year to, yet their economy is larger than ours and we are borrowing to give it to them. Also they have said, they don’t want or ask for it. 

If we are to have decent roads then we must have a fairer user pays system. When a road is paid for then move on to build the next one, these roads must be owned by us and not in the hands of big business. A National rail system must be built. Any project to be built must be costed appropriately, as I fear most companies increase their costs because it is a government job, and bureaucrats or ministers authorising the job, don’t do enough to get best value for taxpayer dollars.

What I do know is Australians have paid and continue to pay for the incompetence of our leaders. Stop the handouts but support a hand up, stop bringing migrants in purely for the vote and to boost the profits of big business, and curtail government waste. These are only a start, I will disclose more solutions, in the future. 

Pauline Hanson
Leader and National Chairman of One Nation



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