One Nation's Budget Response 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

This year’s budget has been more contentious than most in recent times. Hardly surprising considering the appalling state Labor left Australia in when they were dumped from office last year.

I am underwhelmed by the almost total rejection of everything in the budget by Labor and it seems all of the minor parties as well. Especially when they have no alternative.

I mean what do we expect the Coalition to do?  Yes we all want the nation’s accounts bought back into order and the budget to balance (eventually) but it seems no-one wants to bite the bullet and allow them to do it. I am no lover of the Liberals or their trained lapdog the Nationals, but either we do something or continue along as we were and leave this mess to our children to inherit. Don’t forget, most of us adults will live long enough to be held to account as well.

The hoo-ha by the State premiers about the so-called 80 billion dollar drop in expenditure for education (being given to them by the Feds) is all smoke and mirrors. All the Government is doing is NOT giving them extra money Labor promised to give them. Let’s face it, Labor never had the money to give them in the first place. It was never going to happen anyway. The usual funding will continue.

The scrutiny of welfare is long overdue. The drop in overseas aid is long overdue. Why would we borrow more money to give away to foreign governments and then hand the interest bill to the Australian tax payer? That was madness in the extreme. I applaud the government for reigning it in. Didn’t go far enough but it’s a start.

The Opposition and minor parties should perhaps take a note from Lincoln when he said “ ..a house divided against itself cannot stand”. It is time for Labor to swallow their foolish pride and do what is best for the nation.

Labor has no credibility to object to what needs to be done to fix their mess. Those who act wisely and responsibly have a far greater likelihood of success; those who act foolishly and irresponsibly have a greater likelihood of failure. It is time for Labor to act responsibly, for Australia’s sake. I do not agree with everything in the budget, especially the increased fuel excise. We should only be paying about 80 cents per litre as it is, however, we are not in government so it is not our call. 

Do we want a Liberal budget or a Labor budget?  Surely the answer is a no brainer! I call on Labor to swallow your foolish pride, show some maturity and humility. The time of entitlement and greed is over. Yes I would like to see all perks for ex-politicians ceased immediately. They cost us many millions per year for no productivity at all. At the risk of quoting another American president the words of JFK come to mind. “Do not ask what your nation can do for you, but what you can do for your nation”. 

How about Howard, Whitlam, Rudd, Keating and company send a tremendous message to the nation and earn our undying admiration by giving up their perks. I’m sure it could be given to the Salvation Army or some other deserving cause, or even to retire some debt. They would go down in history as decent human beings and not a lifelong blood sucker of our hard earned taxes.

By Jim Savage (One Nation President)



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