ON responds to farcical allegations [AUDIO]

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Yet again, the two major parties have proven they are more interested in tearing down One Nation with baseless accusations than actually listening and representing the people who elected them.

A frenzied media has attempted to make a mountain out of a molehill. Sarah Vogler of the Courier Mail, who originally "broke" the story attacking One Nation, even states in the article that:

"At no point during the meeting does anyone agree to enact the plan and the Courier Mail is not suggesting anyone in the room engaged in wrongdoing."

Candidates across the state have come out in support of the Party, describing attacks on the party as simply, "disgruntled, dismissed and dis-endorsed ex-candidates and employees with an axe to grind."

One Nation will simply focus on what it was established to do, listen to the people and bring real representation and honesty back into politics.

You can hear the full interview with Tim Shaw from 2CC breakfast below:

While the two major parties cry foul and call for One Nation to open its books to the Electoral Commission (which the party has done at the drop of a hat when requested), ALP and LNP remain suspiciously quiet when queried on their own procedures for campaign costs:




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