One Nation Protest Over Halal Compensation to Murderer 31st Aug 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Community outrage over the $3000 compensation paid to a Muslim child killer because he refused to eat non-halal (Christian) food in prison has spilled over into a community protest outside the QCAT offices in Brisbane next Saturday 31st August. The Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal notoriously awarded Raymond  Aktar Ali the money because he claimed his "religious rights" had been violated by the Queensland Government, and the QCAT actually agreed. 

This monster brutally bashed a baby girl to death, cut out her reproductive organs with his filleting knife, dismembered her and disposed of her. He was also pedalling drugs in Brisbane prison, hence his transfer to Rockhampton prison, where his rights were apparently so brutally denied him because his meat had not been slaughtered in the barbaric Islamic fashion (hung upside down and throat cut while still alive).

One Nation political party will also be at the protest along with others who are outraged by QCAT's deplorable ruling. This is why people become so furious and resent the one law for normal Aussies and another for Muslims.  Stephanie Banister, former One Nation candidate will be present with One Nation's executives and supporters.

One Nation Qld. senate candidate, Jim Savage says "We invite anyone who has had a gutful of this incredible lack of common sense and decency by our Government bodies to come along at 10am to 259 Queen St. Brisbane (BOQ Building) this Saturday 31st and show them you've had enough. It is time the average citizen took back his country and fought for our Christian beliefs and the rule of one law for all. Sharia law is not here and we don't want it either. If we don't stand up now, we will have Sharia law within 40 years in Australia because our government is gutless and afraid to offend Muslims. One Nation is not".  

The protest will be peaceful and orderly.

Saturday 31st August
259 Queen St. Brisbane (BOQ Building)

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