One Nation Gun Laws Introduced At Last

Sunday, July 06, 2014

This week the federal government finally adopted One Nation's policy of having harsher laws, including mandatory jail time for people committing offences using firearms, including trafficking in illegal firearms.

Whilst One Nation has always fought for the right of decent law abiding citizens to own and use firearms, for sport, competition, hunting or self defence, we have always said those misusing guns must be dealt with more harshly. The increase in gun crime in areas like western Sydney for example made One Nation’s policy of jail time for offenders very timely. It seems ethnic tensions and crime in such areas is almost out of control, we must take back the streets.

Statistics show the majority of stolen guns are stolen from the Police and Defence Forces, and most illegally imported guns are done so with the help of crooked customs officials. The Government MUST as a matter of urgency teach it’s own forces better gun management and storage so their weapons do not end up in the hands of criminals. Trafficking of guns is a major concern and the spotlight must turn to our customs officials to get rid of the crooks working there.

One Nation congratulates the Government on finally accepting our policy on punishment for gun related offences, while we hope they will also eventually adopt our policy on simplifying registration and permit requirements.



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