National Integrity Commissioner

Friday, April 18, 2014
The Greens have put a bill before Parliament asking for the appointment of a National Integrity Commissioner. Basically they want to have a national body similar the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

With all the corruption revelations and the goings on of the NSW LNP Government, this couldn’t come any sooner. Obviously it would be naïve to think the rot stops at the NSW border. 

The recent resignation of the NSW premier (only because he got caught) and the continual and seemingly corrupt association of the LNP at all levels and big business has to be further investigated.

As Christine Milne (Greens leader) said “the revolving door between big business and politics is evident..”

For example, right now we have a federal senator in the Liberal Government who lobbied his NSW  LNP mates on behalf of the apparently corrupt business associates of disgraced Labor MP Eddie Obeid and Australian Water Holdings, which if successful would have netted him personally, twenty million dollars. This man instead of being before the courts, enjoys Mr. Abbott’s total support, while the taxpayer continues to pay his inflated salary and perks. The average Australian will never in his or her lifetime ever have one million dollars, yet this man would have been given a cool twenty million for pulling a few ministerial strings for his business mates. Do not tell me he is there working for his electorate, he’s there to clean up big time for himself.

You couldn’t blame the public for wondering if any of them (cabinet ministers/senators) are honest. The problem with major parties is the total stranglehold the Party holds over its MPs. None would dare speak out, even they were honest themselves.

I also support the Greens call for an end to corporate donations to political parties.

It is not often (if ever before) One Nation agreed with the Greens, but this time they have it RIGHT!

By Jim Savage
State president, One Nation, Qld.



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