More Australian Islamic Terror

Thursday, July 31, 2014

If it weren’t so true we’d swear we were reading a fiction novel of espionage and terrorism. Yet another case of good old Aussie muslim terrorist action is in the news. The latest is Mohamed Elomar, a Sydney sider who is currently chopping heads off people in Iraq, and proudly sending the pictures if his “trophies” through social media and telling us he is bringing this to Australia.

Last week we read about Khaled Sharrouf, another Aussie who is fighting with terrorists in Syria and being financed by his Australian taxpayer funded disability pension. Too sick to work for a living yet capable of fighting with a terrorist group.  So either Australian working fitness standards are too high or terrorists are a sickly bunch of useless non-performers. 

We all know anyone can get a disability pension in Australia, especially if you are a muslim - don’t want to offend them now do we? Also it takes them off the dole so the figures don’t show the real truth, which is almost none of these nonperforming haters ever get a job, but live off their new hosts like the parasites they are. Parasites in large number will eventually kill the host.

We all know that we are so collectively afraid of speaking out against Muslims that 99% of Australians won’t say anything. Certainly the government is afraid to offend Muslims, the representatives of the “religion of peace”. If anyone speaks their mind about the clear and present danger to Australia which Islam constitutes, they are called “extremists” or their language called “race hate” or even charged under discrimination laws, designed to silence us.

Let us be quite clear. Islam is NOT A RACE, so let’s stop all this “race” garbage that is used to try to silence critics of Islam. What race is a muslim?  Exactly…….. it is NOT A RACE!

Islam is a primitive, 7th century ideology of ignorant violent inbred violence seeking barbarians. Yes it is! Any muslim who does not wish to carry this fight to the infidel is NOT a good muslim by definition, and according to the Koran (the perfect book).

Even our own so called hard hitting current affairs programs have to tread carefully when reporting on anything “Islamic”. Why? Because muslims always respond the only way they ever have and always do…with VIOLENCE!

Australia, wake up before your country becomes like all the other countries who suffer under the violence, intolerance, honour killings, beheadings, paedophilia, abuse of women, abuse of children, cruelty to animals and total dysfunction of Islam and it’s mobs of hate filled vigilantes of death.

  • Deport all muslims who offend us and disrespect our laws.
  • Deport all muslim criminals
  • Stop all Islamic immigration
  • No more mosques without majority support of community.
  • No sharia law, no Islamic law of any kind
  • No burqas in public
  • Prosecute any muslim who preaches hate.
  • Jail then deport any muslim who goes overseas to train and kill and join in any so-called “holy war”.
  • Life sentence for any person, regardless of race creed or colour, who plots or carries out any terrorist activity in Australia.
  • Jail and or deport any imam who knowingly supports terrorism or any unlawful act, or who preaches this to his followers. Jail any imam who will not denounce terrorism.

Australian can be saved from the inevitable fate of Europe. But we must act soon!

There is no possibility of such action happening with the current political Parties we have now. You must start DEMANDING it from your local MP. Get active and get vocal. If you do not care about yourself, do it for your children and grandchildren.

One Nation is openly opposed to the Islamisation of Australia! Join us and help us.

Mohamed Elomar posing with Christian Heads in Iraq.



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