Mission Complete

Monday, September 22, 2014

On Thursday 18th September, Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, quite rightly claimed victory over the people smugglers. He said after turning back 12 boats the flood dried up and only one boat came to Australia since they commenced the operation. In the same period last year 268 boats arrived in Australia, under Labor’s doomed policies.

There is no denying he has done a great job and we commend him.

We commend him especially as last August we said if we “turn back every boat, after the first dozen or so the caper would be over”. 

One Nation got it right again! What a shame it takes so long for all of our ideas to eventually trickle through to the leaders of this country.  

Of course when we say it, it is racist, thus the politicians who wish to use our policies must wait until everyone forgets whose idea it really was.

Anyway, we are just so happy our policy was implemented and has proven so incredibly successful.

Again, congratulations Scott Morrison, on this particular part of your portfolio. (the abandoned Ortilano girls is another issue of course).

Read more about the abandoned Ortilano Girls here.



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