Maroochydore Mosque Protest

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Today at Maroochydore on Qld’s Sunshine Coast a large number of people gathered to peacefully demonstrate against the proposed building of a mosque, right next to the local Catholic church. Now considering it is illegal to build a Christian church in most Islamic countries, it is most insensitive and culturally dismissive to build a mosque in such a manner here in our backyard. I feel insulted!

A small group of people also demonstrated against the demonstrators (ie. they want the mosque). These people had banners preaching love and moderation and co-existence, in fact everything lslam isn’t. Hard to figure out what thought processes these people use.

One banner which caught my eye was one accusing us of racism. I asked the young lady holding the banner what she meant by racism and which race of people we were discriminating against. Her reply was that we are racist against Islam. I asked again, “which race?”, again she said “Islam”. I asked if she knew what the word racist meant. No answer. Eventually after my explaining that racist needs a race, she said, she used the word to get a message across. In other words…LIE!  Apparently knowledge of the English language has a low priority in universities these days, if her knowledge of it is anything to go by. Perhaps the truth is inconvenient. Racism sounds good!

A Pakistani man, who would be in a strong position to have an opinion on Islam, addressed the crowd and very passionately proclaimed his absolute disgust of Islam and the results caused by it’s followers. He warned that the atrocities occurring overseas will happen in Australia if we let them prosper and grow here, just like in England, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Norway and Germany to name just a few.

The overwhelming feeling in the crowd was ANTI ISLAM, they’ve seen enough already thanks! 

Ordinary people have had enough and actions speak louder than words, and we all see the actions of muslims everywhere in the world. None of it is good. They are not convinced by the assurances of so-called moderate muslims that we have nothing to fear. Even the muslim community is divided over the recent raids, some saying these people aren’t “real” muslims, other saying it is persecuting muslims. Before we know it they will be fighting among themselves, just like everywhere else in the world.

I had an opportunity to speak with Channels 7 and 9. I told them that Sharia law (as demanded by Islam) violates Australian law. So to promote Islam is to say you promote breaking the laws of our country. End of story.

It’s illegal to be in a bikie gang in Qld so how come it’s legal for muslims to gather in a mosque? Are they a clear and present danger to us?  Aren’t mosques a perfect recruiting ground and a place for radical imams to preach their brand of filth and hatred? We all know it’s happening.

I have not yet heard a single Imam renounce Sharia law, until I do, I will oppose every mosque.

By a One Nation Supporter



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