Maranoa Candidate Announced As Pauline Joins Hay Run

Friday, April 01, 2016

Pauline Hanson, leader of One Nation and Queensland Senate candidate, has this morning announced the party’s candidate for Maranoa, as she travels through the electorate on the Burrumbuttock Hay Run.

Lynette Keehn, from Jandowae, will contest the seat that incumbent LNP Member Bruce Scott will vacate as he retires from Parliament after 25 years.

Originally from country Victoria, Lynette says that she has always enjoyed the farming lifestyle with her parents breeding Murray Grey cattle and growing up on a farm. 

Moving to Queensland in 1987, she was a Control Operator at a Bio Refinery for renewable fuel, later on taking a keen interest in the Laboratory side of the process and progressing to become a Chemical Analyst. She has most recently worked for a reputable RFID cattle reader company in Jandowae but their office relocation to Brisbane saw her job become redundant.

“There is an unemployment crisis in regional Queensland. Businesses must be encouraged to operate out here so that our youth have a future. I want to get to the bottom of why Aussie jobs are going to 457 Visa holders. As I talk to people within the community, I have found out that workers are being brought into Australia for ‘specialist positions’ but end up working in non-specialist jobs that Aussies could have” she states.

Lynette says that she has a no-nonsense, common sense attitude and approach to tasks, one that she will take to Parliament if elected. “I am sick of our politicians speaking dribble. People want to be informed about legislation and current affairs and what it means for them and their hip pocket, in terms that they can understand, not legal babble.”

“Let’s focus on the everyday struggles that all Australians are facing. Our leaders should not be afraid to voice people’s opinions and requests, or their own opinions for that matter. I will not bow down to political correctness but stand up for what are Australian values and demand that our laws be abided by, by all who reside and visit this country; that is what true equality is.”

Lynette will join Pauline Hanson on the final leg of the Burrumbuttock Hay Run and hold a meet and greet in Longreach at the end of the trip. 

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