Lib-Lab-Greens-UN Paris Pact's Real Purpose

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The first article shows that the Paris climate pact cannot affect climate and leads to the question: “what is the Paris agreement really about and what does it mean for us?”

Paris is the latest UN ‘agreement’ that major parties signed with no debate in parliament or during elections:

  • Labor (Whitlam) signed the Lima Declaration in 1975;

  • Liberals (Fraser) ratified it the next year;

  • Labor (Keating) signed the 1992 Rio Declaration for twenty-first century global governance - Agenda 21 - in 1992;

  • Labor (Rudd) signed the Kyoto Protocol on climate in 2007;

  • Labor (Rudd) agreed to the Copenhagen Accord in 2009;

  • Liberals (Turnbull) signed the Paris Agreement in 2015.

The Lima Declaration killed Australia’s manufacturing and fishing. Our fishing zone is the world’s largest yet despite this huge renewable resource our tiny population imports almost three quarters of the seafood we eat. Imports come mainly from China and Thailand.

The reason: Australia has more than one third (36%) of the world’s marine parks. Last February, on behalf of our government, Environment Minister Greg Hunt reported about the Great Barrier Reef to an unelected UN body. Under Lib-Lab the UN has been given unconstitutional power over our country. The UN controls much of our marine area and indirectly controls more through regulations made under Agenda 21, now renamed Agenda 2030.

Fish species swim through our waters to New Guinea where they are caught and sold back to us. UN agreements export our jobs and destroy prosperity.

In climate, the Howard Liberal regime made the trifecta: (1) a 20% Renewable Energy Target costing thousands of jobs and raising electricity prices for no impact on climate; (2) the first policy putting a price on carbon dioxide under then Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull who previously headed the major winner, Goldman Sachs bank; and, (3) theft of farmers’ property rights to comply with Kyoto despite Howard saying he would not sign.

Yet many countries know that raising prices of hydro-carbon fuels hurts jobs and living standards. In Paris they opposed binding cuts and as a result the "Agreement" is smoke and mirrors.

The UN staged a fanfare in opening the talks to avoid being seen as a rabble at the end. There was no agreed action because heads of state could not agree. So they ‘agreed’ each country could do whatever it wanted. 

It does not obligate nations to cut output nor to pay into the "Green Climate Fund” for unelected UN fat cats. Paris’ main role was to endorse the climate sham. It gives Hunt and Turnbull a way to keep moving Australia under tighter UN control. This is despite there being no empirical evidence that carbon dioxide from humans affects climate. In 2013, requests were made under Freedom Of Information laws for all CSIRO Chief Executive reports and Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) reports to members of parliament from 2005 to 2013. CSIRO’s response shows no reports at all were given to MPs and BOM’s response shows no documents contain evidence that humans affect global climate.

Letters from CSIRO and BOM heads contain no evidence that carbon dioxide affects climate. No CSIRO, BOM or UN reports contain evidence of human cause. Yet Hunt claims he relies on advice from CSIRO, BOM and the UN. Last September, after scientists exposed BOM for tampering with climate data to convert cooling trends into warming trends, Hunt blocked investigation of BOM’s fudging.

In October he joined ‘opposition’ Labor and Greens climate spokespersons Mark Butler and Larissa Waters to support a climate show for MPs from academics pushing fear and false claims, not evidence.

As well as a lack of honesty there’s a lack of courage. On 4th April 2011 Rudd admitted that some ministers opposed putting a price on carbon dioxide—although none said so in public for fear of losing pre-selection. A large majority of Liberal federal MPs do not agree that humans affect climate but few say so. A small group of powerbrokers controls each party and sets the agenda. They use words like ‘sustainability’ and ‘biodiversity’ to drive UN regulations that control people and steal property rights.

Sydney researcher Graham Williamson reveals that Hunt has long pushed Agenda 21. Yet Hunt as minister says he knows little of the world’s largest ‘environmental’ campaign.

That ‘environmental’ campaign now wants to treat plants, animals and places as having rights that activists can push through courts to stop human progress. This reverses centuries of accepted legal practice. They want to set up bodies to make rules that bypass government and parliament. They want unelected control.

The Paris ‘Agreement’ will allow Hunt and Turnbull to enforce UN climate claims and UN regulations to destroy Australian sovereignty. And the UN wants one per cent of Australia’s GDP—$15 billion—in taxes each year.

Instead of handing control of Australia to unelected UN officials and banks, we need an alternative to Lib-Lab-Greens. We need people we can trust and with the honesty and courage to restore sovereignty and rebuild our country as one nation.

By Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts is an honours engineering graduate from the university of Queensland working internationally as a management and leadership consultant on culture change and understanding data to improve human performance. and



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