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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jamie Gao, a drug dealer (ie. death dealer) from Sydney was shot dead, apparently by two former cops, Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara in Sydney last week.

All I can say is, this is a win-win situation. First we have a dead drug dealer, second, we have two crooked cops in jail. Everyone wins!

Isn’t it ironic it takes a crooked cop to do what is the correct manner in which to treat a dealer in hard drugs. He killed him. Now I am not saying they killed this drug dealing creep out of any sense social responsibility, as that is obviously not the case.  It’s all about money.

But if it happened more often by the hand of society sanctioned death penalties for drug dealing, we would see fewer of our kids dying from drug abuse, less crime, less suffering, fewer young girls prostituting themselves to feed their habit, fewer broken homes, fewer murders, fewer home invasions, more money spent on worthy causes …the list is endless. In Singapore, where they hang drug dealers, you won’t find drug deals going down on the street over there. People actually fear the consequences of breaking the law!  Only a crooked cop gave this animal his just deserts, but that is not his job nor is it legal to do so of course. That job is OURS, the Australian public collectively.

As long as we as a society are ruled by an over sensitivity towards being tough, yes even brutal, in the treatment of death dealing criminals, we will continue to be their victims, they will be our executioners not us, theirs!

- Jim Savage (President of One Nation)



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