Labor's Incompetence with Illegal Immigrants from Indonesia & Our Solutions

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Written by Pauline Hanson - NSW Senate Candidate
Regardless of one’s political persuasions most Australians are furious with the number of illegal boat people flooding our shores. Let’s not forget it was Rudd’s Labor Government that dismantled the Howard Pacific Solution in 2008. It was a policy that worked and did stop the illegal boats. Was it changed because of ego, I can imagine Kevin 07 not wanting to be aligned with a policy of Howards, or was it appeasing the Greens push to have it overturned?

Regardless of the reason, a mindless and irresponsible Prime Minister and his Government had no foresight or vision when they overturned the Pacific Solution. Gillard was no better. In fact this was one of the issues that cost her the leadership. Labor stuck by Rudd in his first term as Prime Minister and Gillard until it became evident to them they were going to lose the election if something was not done about the illegal boat people. 

Tony Abbott and the Liberals have stated they will turn the boats around, now he is saying if it is safe to do so. Is this possible and legal under Human rights laws? If so where is our right as a nation to protect our shores from illegals wanting to move from their country to ours not based on fear for their lives but for economic reasons?

Most Australians agree something has to be done. We are losing control of our borders, and it is costing the Australian taxpayer billions of dollars. Australians wanting help with housing, health and services are pushed to the back of the queue because the illegals are more important. Remember we are on the world stage and Rudd and Gillard had to present themselves as leaders of a caring and compassionate country with regards to refugees in the eyes of the world.  

What we have here is someone coming into your home telling you they like your house better than theirs and they are going to live with you. You have to feed, cloth, care, and educate them while looking after their needs. Your children now have to share a room and you have to make the dollars stretch further to provide for them. They don’t have to work you are providing for them. If you don’t give them what they want they will complain and you will be forced to answer why you are so inhumane not to have them live in your home, that you worked hard for. 

A clear message from Australians is 'stop the boats'. Now we see Rudd and his Labor puppeteers, Bob Carr and Tony Bourke, espousing that they are economic refugees and have no right to come to Australia, after all these years and 46,000 boat people later. What a backflip and do they think Australians are that gullible?


...on average 100 people a day arrive

…they arrive in Indonesia with a passport to enter the country

…80% plus destroy passports and identification papers before entering Australia

...the boat people as reported, pay up to $20,000 to people smugglers for passage to Australia

…2013-14 Illegal boat people will cost Australian taxpayers $2.8 Billion if lucky. To date estimated cost $12      Billion plus

…supply of cigarettes to illegal boat people $1.5Million a year

…supply of telephone and charges $5Million to the taxpayer

…private contractors are paid $40,000 per illegal boat to be destroyed. The government has put $4Million in      budget for this. Due to the number of boats this means a budget blowout.

…many Australians wait for health care while illegals get preferential treatment.

I am of the opinion that any leader who cannot control its borders should not hold the position as Prime Minister. Australians must feel secure and in control. Clearly we are not. Our problem clearly lies with Indonesia. The illegal boats leave from Indonesian waters, people smugglers are known to the Indonesian police. The country is corrupt with officials and police who partake in the human trafficking, yet they refuse to assist. Just recently the Indonesian court refused to extradite one of the people smugglers to Australia and set him free. In 2013-2014, Australia’s assistance to Indonesia will be worth an estimated $646.8 million, making it our largest bilateral aid program.    

Close cooperation between Australia and Indonesia on security matters is underpinned by the Lombok Treaty (2006), which provides a treaty-level framework for addressing traditional and non-traditional security challenges. Australia and Indonesia signed a Defence Cooperation Arrangement in September 2012 and have agreed to increase defence collaboration.


3. The Parties, consistent with their respective domestic laws and international obligations, shall not in any manner support or participate in activities by any person or entity which constitutes a threat to the stability, sovereignty or territorial integrity of the other Party, including by those who seek to use its territory for encouraging or committing such activities, including separatism, in the territory of the other Party;

When we don’t know the true identity of refugees is this not a threat to our stability and possible terrorism. 

Australia has to take a strong stance and show some leadership.

When our soldiers pull out of Afghanistan at the end of this year we will see a flood of refugees never seen before, if we do not put out a clear message that if they come via people smugglers they are not welcome.

Has the government assured us that all who come to Australia are clear of any health risks? The overview below is the government’s health requirement of immigrants and refugees, when applying for immigration to Australia.

Overview of the Health Requirement

The purpose of the health requirement is to:

  • protect the Australian community from public health and safety risks, in particular active tuberculosis
  • contain public expenditure on health and community services, including social security benefits, allowances and pensions
  • safeguard the access of Australian citizens and permanent residents to health care and community services in short supply.
Most visa applicants, and in some circumstances their dependents (whether they are migrating to Australia or not), are required to meet the health requirement.

To meet the health requirement you must be free from a disease or condition that is:

  • considered to be a threat to public health or a danger to the Australian community
  • likely to result in significant health care and community service costs to the Australian community
  • likely to require health care and community services that would prejudice the access of Australian citizens and permanent residents to those services in short supply. 

In 2006 when Andrew Robb spokesperson on Immigration matters, and Tony Abbott then Health Minister for the Liberal Party were questioned on the matter of migrants coming to Australia carrying diseases such as AIDS and TB, they had to confirm it was the case. 


  • It has been reported that 80% plus arriving by boat or plane don’t carry any form of identification. Some are given false passports to enter Indonesia which are taken back once they are in the country to use for the next lot and others destroy their documentation. If you are genuine why not prove your identity? Anyone arriving without paperwork immediately denied entry and sent back to their last known port before arrival or their homeland.
  • Indonesia must be told that our foreign aid is on the condition that the illegal people smugglers must be stopped. 
  • People smuggling to carry a minimum jail term of 10 years, to be served in an Indonesian prison.
  • The crew on the boats to do a 2 year jail term in Indonesia after negotiating an agreement.
  • For those who are genuine refugees and not here for economic reasons are to be granted a temporary protection visa to be reviewed every 2 years. Depending on individual circumstances, to be sent back to their homeland if no longer a threat to their safety.
  • Family reunion will not be available to those granted refugees status until such time that they may be granted permission to apply for Australian citizenship. This would not be available for a period of less than 5 years from date of acceptance as a refugee. Australians must be assured of good character, loyalty to Australia and not an ongoing burden to the taxpayer living on welfare. 
  • All refugees must clear a health check as required by law.
  • Terminate being a signatory to the outdated 1951 UNHCR Refugee Convention.

We have heard that criminals and people smugglers themselves have been granted refugee status in Australia. If television programmes can discover the truth I don’t have much faith in our immigration system or THE LABOR GOVERNMENT.

I have no confidence in this government and call for all those granted residency under the Labor government to be reviewed.

If any Australian disagrees with my stance on refugees please send me your name and address. There are 100,000 plus homeless Australians who would love a warm bed, and someone to put a roof over their heads. 

Charity begins at home.

Pauline Hanson



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