Kevin 07 & Labor's Failed Policies

Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Queensland Coroner investigating the deaths of four men over the pink bats debacle, slammed the Rudd Labor Government over its handling of the scheme between, 2009 – 10. The government was warned about the dangers of the plan but still proceeded.

Illegal boat people is another one of Kevin Rudd’s failures. The Howard Government had stopped the boats in 2001. Kevin 07, against advice, dismantled the Howard Pacific solution. Since 2008, over 600 boats have arrived, and this year alone has brought a further 196 boats arriving with 13,105 people. In total approx. 45,000 boat people have arrived on our shores. 

Now the Rudd government are saying they are more economic refugees

If that be the case then we have no responsibility to them and they should be deported back to their homeland. Australia has its own economic ‘refugees’ that need to be looked after first with our tax dollars. All Mr Rudd needs to do is walk our streets at night, and he will see them sleeping under bridges, in tunnels and derelict buildings.   

For every one we accept who becomes a permanent resident, can apply to bring in their family members under the family reunion migration programme. The 45,000 could blow out to over 150,000. Also the majority will not be employed after 5 years, and the taxpayer will be supporting them and their families. 

Kevin Rudd has also done a backflip on the carbon tax and now wanting to call it a carbon emission’s scheme. Whatever you call it will make no difference to the cost of living, closure of businesses and loss of jobs.

One Nation has no faith in Kevin Rudd or the Labor Party. Australians had had enough of him in 2010. He was destined to lose the election that is why he was replaced with Julia Gillard, another dismal Labor failure. It is not altogether the leader, it is the Labor party. They have run this country into the ground with overspending, diabolic policies, broken promises, corruption, incompetent Ministers and failed Prime Ministers. It’s time for change!



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