Indonesian Death Penalty for Aussies Made Certain By Our Politicians

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The TWO Australians on death row in Indonesia have had their final death warranty signed sealed and delivered by the Australian Government.

I am not going to argue the pros and cons of the suitability of the death penalty for smugglers of death (hard drugs) to young Australian kids. But if the Australian Government was really serious about saving these two men from the firing squad, they did everything possible to ensure it would never happen.

Warning Indonesia of “consequences” and things would “get worse for them” if they executed the two Aussies has guaranteed the Indonesian president will NOT save them from the firing squad.

How little do our leaders understand the mentality of the Indonesians to think that threats would make them change their minds. It only hardens their resolve to NOT be dictated to by Australia.

The Indonesian president is showing his domestic audience he is not a puppet of Australia nor a weak leader to give in to Australian demands. Who would expect anything different?

Julie bishop has now committed the ultimate hypocrisy by offering to exchange three Indonesians held in Australia on drug smuggling for the lives of the two Aussies. Apparently it’s OK to send these three men back to Indonesia to face the firing squad, instead of the two Australians. In effect she is says, two Australian lives are worth more than three Indonesian lives. You can kill three of your own, but not two of ours. We are special.

What was needed was some STATESMAN (not a politician) to quietly and discreetly and behind the scenes try to obtain the results we desired. Not a public chest beating. Remember how Abbott was going to “shirt front” President Putin. How did that go?

To openly insult the Indonesians and make threats and demands is never going to work, hence the massive show of force to do a simple prisoner transfer of the two men. Indonesia is now totally committed and cannot turn back, thanks to our blundering ham fisted Australian government. Indonesia was backed into a corner with no room to move.

Well done Australia!



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