Gosford Anglican Church - Statement

Monday, August 15, 2016

Following the weekend’s protest by members of the Party for Freedom who walked into the Gosford Anglican Church wearing Islamic garments and playing the Islamic call to prayer, the group has now thrown attention onto One Nation party leader, Pauline Hanson, through showing their support for her in the way of publishing a picture of the newly elected Senator for Queensland on their Facebook page.

Party Statement:

One Nation does not have any official affiliation with the Party For Freedom and the executive of One Nation have not been in contact with group, nor were we aware of their plans to attend the Gosford Anglican Church. It is also out of our control who shares photos of Pauline on their Facebook page, there are thousands of people who support what Pauline and One Nation stands for. If Party for Freedom members broke the law by attending and disrupting the church, then it is up to the police to handle it. A church is a sacred place to many people so perhaps the Party for Freedom could have had a different approach to making their statement, but this does go to show that tensions are high in the community when it comes to the topic of Islam. We have viewed the footage and Party for Freedom members were not violent towards the parishioners. Freedom of speech is a valued part of Australia’s democracy.

We are aware that the Gosford church has taken part in political conversations through portraying their support for refugees and Muslims over the past few years on their church sign and we believe that this has drawn attention to the church and why they were targeted.

Many Australians feel that politicians have not listened to their concerns regarding Islamic extremism and the teachings of Islam and this has given rise to parties such as One Nation and also to groups such as Reclaim Australia and Party for Freedom who do speak up.

One Nation does not condone violence of any kind, political-Islam must be attended to via legislation. However if these concerns are not addressed, we believe that there may come a time where there is civil unrest on our streets. Pauline Hanson and One Nation have never organised a rally to stand up against Islamic extremism, we have been invited to attend them however.

Comment by NSW Senator-elect Brian Burston:

“Many Australians have seen what has happened in Europe and especially Britain, where there are now Sharia Law courts and Islamic enclaves where police will not enter. One Nation does not want to see that happening in Australia; everyone has a right to feel safe, it doesn’t matter which country you came from or what religion you follow. I do believe that religion is only one small component of Islam which is also a political ideology."

"One Nation is not an anti-immigration party and we feel for the true refugees throughout the world who have had to flee their homes due to war, however we have many Australians who need help such as our homeless and returned soldiers. As a party, now with members of Parliament, it is our responsibility to look after Australians first and then others if we have the funds and resources to do so," Senator Burston says.

“One Nation’s policy is zero-net immigration so that we can catch up with the building of infrastructure, including hospitals where there are huge waiting queues, and also pay off some of our debt, so that all who reside in Australia can be looked after. We welcome people who come here from abroad, become Australian Citizens and give their loyalty to this country. Australians embrace music, food, dance and the art of other cultures but to be truly multicultural means to also take on other people’s complete way of life, including laws. One Nation and many other Australians will never embrace Sharia Law, child marriage, lack of women’s rights or other parts of cultures which are incompatible with the Australian way of life. In Australia, we have our own culture which values freedom, human rights and gender equality. Our message to those migrating to Australia is to come here, leave your wars behind, give Australia your loyalty and contribute to the country so that future generations will have a safe country to live in, with many opportunities to have a fulfilling life.”



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