Fleurieu - Between a rock and a hard place

Friday, June 05, 2015

During my visit to South Australia I was asked if I would like to visit the Fleurieu Milk factory. I was well aware this is the factory that was pilloried from the public for Halal Certifying its product. Because of the public backlash, they then pulled out of it only to once again be condemned from the pro Halal supporters. I was pleased I took the time to visit the factory. I want to support the Australian company, but also stand by my principals of not wanting to pay a Halal tax. Hence I have come to a better understanding as to what must be done in relation to Halal Certification.

The factory was started by two middle aged dairy farmers that had grown up on dairy farms. They had to start the factory or it was only a matter of time, before a life on the land in the dairying industry would come to an end. That was about 6 years ago, and now they have a much sort after product that has also expanded in to flavoured milk and yoghurt. Approximately 30 people are directly or indirectly employed due to the factory. It is the only fully Australian owned and run milk factory in South Australia. I am very proud of these men and their wives for giving it a go in a climate that is fast becoming foreign owed and run. 

They are between a rock and a hard place. Fleurieu Milk Company won a contract with Emirates for their product (Yoghurt) on the proviso that it is Halal certified. The majority of their sales are local and does not require Halal certification. I want to support them and every other Australian business and company and so do most Australians, however, Halal Certification is a bone of contention with most Australians who are not Muslim. This is a tax that is forced on us, every time we purchase an item that is Halal Certified. Many Australians are still ignorant to Halal Certification, but when they are informed, they are not happy.

Under Islamic belief, a Muslim cannot consume a product that has blood, alcohol, carrion or pork in it but this can be overcome by saying a prayer called Bismillah before eating. Halal Certification is a money making racket for Islamic organisations and individuals who make handsome returns from approximately 98% of Australians who are not Muslim and want nothing to do with Islam.

This insidious tax now goes outside the boundaries of food. It is now imposed on trucks and conveyor belts that carry the product. I will not buy a product that has the Islamic symbol. Because of my stance and that of many likeminded Australians, many companies are not showing the symbol because of the public backlash. If this is the case, why have Halal certification when Muslims don’t even know themselves which product to buy? As I said, this is a money making racket at our expense and humiliation. No Muslim country would allow a Christian tax to be put on their food. How belligerent and pathetic have our leaders become, especially in the world we are now living in when it comes to Islam.

My complaint with Halal certification is paying the tax and knowing this money is going to support Islam and all that is stands for.  I oppose this vehemently.  Halal certification was first introduced in Australia in the 1980’s. What did they eat or do before this and before the proliferation of product on our shelves, cafes, restaurants and in our prisons?

It is time for Tony Abbott and his Government, to make payment for Halal Certification in Australia illegal.  He prides himself on abolishing the Carbon and Mining Taxes on behalf of the Australian people, now he must do the same with the Halal Tax. Take it out of the hands of Australian companies who are forced to pay this tax which has to be passed on to the consumer to recover the cost. If Muslims want the certification, they should be paying the company, not the company paying them.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will be taking this to the next election and we will stop this insidious tax. I also call for an investigation into where the money goes, do they pay tax or is it tax free under a religious organisation. As Australians, we have a right to know.



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