Farmer Who Took On ANZ, Takes On The Senate

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Rodney Culleton has been endorsed as the lead Senate candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in Western Australia.

Born and raised in country WA, Rod has worked in agriculture for 35 years and farmed in the town of Williams for over 20 years. He and his wife are very passionate about Rural Australia and the values of family structures, as they have raised three children on their farm. 

Rod is also a successful businessman, sitting on the board as a Managing Director of several companies. He has also conducted business on an International stage, exporting finished products to countries around the world that were manufactured at his special purpose built facilities, located both in Williams and Guyra, NSW. 

Rod has further used his entrepreneurial skills, developing his own logistics company that ran a fully integrated delivery system to supply the domestic market around Australia. He is a registered inventor on IP Australia as the originator of a concept that attracted international attention. His concept, which had positive environmental impacts, was seen as an industry changer and leader. 

With success, came people and corporate companies who attempted to hijack his patent. Rod would not let them walk over him and his family and he stood and fought for his rights as a Director, to protect his intellectual property. After lengthy legal action, Rod had a win and this showed his community that he was a man who would fight against injustice.

Most recently, Rod has been fighting for the farmers who are losing their properties to banks, in what has been described as the biggest 'Assets for Asia' grab in Australia; in 2009/10, the ANZ wanted to be the biggest regional bank in Asian markets. This has personally affected Rod and his family when in 2010, he was forced to ground his companies when the ANZ Bank took over the Landmark Loan book.

“Many people do not realise that thousands of Australian farmers have faced a full assault by the banks. I stood and fought on principle to stop Australian farms being sold off to foreign interests. We must protect our agriculture industry, which is valued at $155 billion. We must also have food security for future generations,” he said. 

Rod appeared on a number of television programs including ABC’s 7.30 Report, regional television news and radio (ABC and Alan Jones 2GB), as well as the 60 Minutes story called “Fighting Back”. 

“I attended the grower’s meeting with Alan Jones, where I spoke and witnessed distressed farmers and families; it was stated that 3 farmers at the peak were suiciding every 4 days! It was at this meeting I said to myself ‘no more, this stops now’.”

Since that meeting Rod has been successful in putting the ANZ Bank in the spotlight to include events such as Charlie Phillott (of Winton, QLD), receiving an apology from the then CEO of the ANZ Bank, and having their property returned to the Phillott family. 

Rod was instrumental in giving evidence into the joint committee of impaired loans, on behalf of affected growers. This resulted in major settlements being achieved with individual growers and sparked attention, paving the way for a Royal Commission.

“I have witnessed the lack of support of politicians to help the Australian people who voted for them. The politician’s usual response is that they are unable to assist and that the only remedy available to the Australian people is via the Courts, a huge and lengthy process and expense in time and money that is not always accessible to ordinary Australians to protect their life earned assets. People can’t get a fair go.”

Rod says that he has decided to run for politics due to the number of requests he has received; he is seen as being able to offer assistance due to his life experiences and knowledge through both success and adversity.

“There are many areas that need amending in our laws and this can only be done on the floor of the Australian Parliament. My ultimate aims are to restore people’s confidence in the future of our country, to insulate the assets of the Australian people in order for them to be the ultimate beneficiary of all their hard work and to protect these assets being financially harvested without a commercial remedy. This can only be done through voting for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation this election.” 

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Rodney Culleton giving evidence with Margaret Menzel
at the joint committee. Image: ABC.



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