Economic Refugees

Friday, November 06, 2015

While most of us consider where money will come from this Christmas, 12,000 refugees are counting down the days until Australia grants them their biggest Christmas wish, of an estimated $700 million.

This Christmas gift will come in the form of housing, new furniture, new clothes, and countless other cash benefits. Let’s face it, the Australian Government won’t be approaching Life Line for clothing or household goods, which it expects struggling Australians to do.

Queensland’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk has openly offered rehousing to 3500 refugees, almost one third, indicating the majority would be placed in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, while hinting at placement in Rockhampton and the Darling Downs.

Unemployment figures in the suggested resettlement areas are as follows:

Gold Coast 5.2%
Brisbane Inner City 4.2%
Brisbane East 5.0%
Brisbane North 5.2%
Brisbane South 4.4%
Logan - Beaudesert 8.1%
Rockhampton / Gladstone 9.0%
Toowoomba 3.3%

It’s obvious to the lay person that the social fabric of our nation is already being tested. Current higher than average unemployment rates, are only going to be added to with the addition of refugees.

Andrew Bolt reported an Immigration Department survey found, most refugees were unemployed and 85% were still on Centrelink payments 5 years after arriving. The reality is only 9% of Afghan adults had a job. He also revealed the Muslim Lebanese community has had high rates of welfare dependency and imprisonment.

The repercussion of unemployment on Australians range from mental health, health disease, tension within the home, political issues, tension over tax rises, insecurity amongst employees, crime and violence, suicide, decreased socialising, stigma, a reduction in standard of living, employment gaps and the loss of skills. I’m already seeing these repercussions in the news on a nightly basis.

Queensland Liberal MP, Michelle Landry recently had the audacity to indicate, rehousing refugees in her region of Rockhampton would “generate income for businesses”. Truth be it Ms Landry, unemployed people drastically decrease their spending, opting to save instead. High unemployment rates also effect the spending of employed people, who are unsure of job security.

So if the Member for Capricornia believes that rehousing refugees, who in effect, add to long term unemployment figures is a good thing for her region, it might be time Ms Landry starts looking for a new job herself. The secret Ms Landry’s Government will likely keep from you and I, is providing refugees are signed up to education courses, they won’t appear on unemployment figures.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott assured the Australian people that the 12,000 refugee intake would be largely women and children of Christian faith - the real persecuted refugees from Syria. Malcolm Turnbull’s move in overthrowing Tony Abbott as Prime Minister, has left the Australian people in doubt as to the make up of the intake. Will we now see predominate numbers of Muslims and men under Turnbull? If this is the case, then Turnbull and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton are intentionally fuelling the religious and politically driven ideology that is, and will continue to divide our nation. This decision will also put further strain on our national security.

Now that Tony Abbott is no longer leader and can freely express himself, he acknowledges that bringing these refugees, most being “economic refugees” within Europe to Australia, will be this nations “catastrophic error”.

- Pauline Hanson



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