Dick Smith's Aussie Food - We Salute You Goodbye

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dick Smith, the great Aussie patriot, who put his money where his mouth was and supported Australian farmers and Australian produced food is going out of business due to the simple fact that the average Aussie will not support him.

Dick was saddened at seeing so many iconic Australian brands either disappearing or being sold off to overseas interests and inferior imported food replacing good wholesome Australian grown food, that he created his own food brand and sold ONLY Aussie products. He wanted Australian farmers to grow our food. Farmers who abide by strict protocols on safe use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers, unlike much of the imported product.

Unfortunately over the years Australian consumers decided they would rather pay a few cents less for imported brands, thus eventually putting the famous Dick Smith brand into the red. This on top of the fact that many retailers deliberately put Dicks brands in hard to find “bottom of the shelf” areas where the consumer could never find it. This because they can import an inferior product cheaper, then retail it for almost the same price as we were paying before (not passing on any real savings to the consumer) and thus make bigger profits.

Once Dick Smith food labels are gone it will be to the shame of all Australians who did not support the great Australian product and Australian farmers. People say they will support our own people, our own farmers, Australian brands etc, but the sad fact is…they don’t.

One Nation salutes Dick Smith, a dinky di Aussie patriot. Good on you mate!



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