De-Criminalising Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

By Pauline Hanson.
On my facebook page I made the following comment;  “I have no problem with marijuana being used for medicinal purposes. Some of the drugs people are taking for pain relief would be doing more damage to their bodies than marijuana. It is not something I have researched fully, it is only what people have told me. I have an open mind and if elected I will follow up.”

Due to my making that statement I received this email;

“As a voter I want to raise an issue of concern to myself and many other voters, that of re-legalizing cannabis in all its forms. My daughter has been a medical marijuana user for two years and have found great release from her pain and suffering by obtaining it illegally. As she is a law abiding citizen in every other way. I am appalled that the law can make a criminal of her because of her personal preference when it comes to the debilitating pain and suffering she was going through due to chemotherapy treatment for her leukaemia. I and many others would appreciate your efforts to assist us in our quest for legalization so no more people have to suffer or take pharmaceutical drugs that do nothing to ease their pain but do a lot of damage to their bodies. Please research cannabinoids and cancer... or cannabis and cancer to obtain a better understanding of the medicinal value of this plant... look forward to your reply. Thank You.”

Since then several people in the natural health industry have commented they have no problem with using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

I do believe drug companies have a stranglehold on society and would oppose marijuana or any other plant being used for relief of pain. I am of the opinion it should not be about dollars, but about the wellbeing of anyone who is in pain and the best way to deal with it.

As I said I will be guided by Australians, research if elected and propose as legislation if facts suggests it is viable.

Pauline Hanson 



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