Cut Foreign Aid

Friday, May 09, 2014

Oppose Abbott’s Tax increases. Support the alternative – Cut foreign aid with 60 billion dollars saving over 10 years.

The Abbott Government’s proposed new tax levy increase, is like Julia Gillard’s flood levy tax, both are devious in purpose. They are the hallmarks of gutless government cowered by leftists international pressures and are comforted under the umbrella of dupelistic media support, where all apply the principle, “we know what is best for you,” you gullible, suffering Australian citizens.

One Nation totally opposes the tax increases in the 2014 Federal budget.
One Nation supports a 10 year financial recovery program spread equally with no exceptions through cost savings, not increased taxes.

Prime Minister Abbott is asking all Australians to share the pain of economic recovery, at the same time he fully supports his foreign minister Julie Bishop’s golden money flow of questionable foreign aid giveaways.

Borrowing money to give away. Does this make sense?

Is it fair on the suffering Australian people?

Is Julie Bishop’s program and her actions divorced from Abbott’s budget and reality when she is buoyed by political effort to ramp up Australian aid pledges and level off at 5 billion dollars annually for 5 years, then 9 billion dollars for the following 5 years, 70 billion dollars over 10 years.

A whopping 80 billion dollar financial drain when interest and administrative costs are added.

There appears to be no austerities or restraints mentioned for this golden money flow out of Australia, leaving in its wake anxiety and poverty for elderly and less fortunate Australians.

The Abbott government has not asked the Australian people if they agree with this willful extravagance of foreign aid hand out in a period of financial restraint.
In 2013 the British Daily Express newspaper published a phone poll with the question;
Should Britain spend more on foreign aid? Result: 99% of callers said NO.
In the public’s interest it would be very timely for the Australian media to now gather the opinion of Australians on the same question and to add another:
Do you believe the Australian government should borrow overseas monies to give away as foreign aid when this country is in debt approaching the extreme range of 400 billion dollars?
One Nation calls on the government to reduce foreign aid to 2 billion dollars annually until the country’s budget is in surplus. The 3 billion dollars plus saving annually would easily render Abbott’s new wealth tax and fuel tax totally unnecessary.
Support One Nation where truth, logic and common sense lead -- COME ON BOARD.

By Ian J Nelson (QLD Senate Candidate)



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