Close The 186 Visa Loophole

Friday, April 17, 2015

Leader of the One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson, welcomes former Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock’s call for an immediate cut to Australia’s migration program, sighting welfare-dependence by migrants as the nation’s biggest financial drain.

While Minister during the Howard era, Mr. Ruddock projected Australia’s population would reach 24 million by 2050. Now according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we will reach this figure by the end of 2017. That’s an increase of 1 person every 1 minute and 21 seconds and counting.

Ms. Hanson, who has always questioned our immigration intake said, “the accelerated increase in migration to Australia has put a significant strain on our already bogged down welfare system. Programs such as ‘Family Reunion’ have not only burdened our welfare system, but put a squeeze on hospitals, education, infrastructure and nursing homes”. 

“Figures reveal over 90% of refugees remain unemployed in the first 5 years of settling in Australia. They receive priority health and housing, while an increasing number of Australians are left homeless, couch surfing or living out of their car”.

Ms. Hanson said, “Australia’s ‘soft touch’ approach during the Labor Rudd and Gillard Governments, saw an epic spike of “economic refugees” swamping Australia. In 2008, some 300,000 arrivals claimed refugee status and while the boats may appear to have stopped, Australia still records over 200,000 new arrivals each year”.

“Australia’s 457 Visa was established by the Howard Government in 1996 to fill the void in skilled labor within the country. Since then, large numbers of migrants have used the visa program as a guise to then apply for a 186 Visa, she said”.

“The conditions of a 186 Visa states an Australian business can employ a non-Australian for a period of 2 years, before being automatically granted permanent residency. Sadly this program has been exploited by foreigners offering significant cash bribes in the tens-of-thousands to Australian businesses for employment”. 

“Current legislation grants the employee permanent residency if he/she is made redundant or the employer goes broke before the 2 year period lapses”.

A disgusted Ms. Hanson said, “While the Federal Government is aware of this rort, its solution has been to pass legislation to fine scammers, not deport them”.

“Questions need to be asked - How many foreigners have used this loophole in our system to migrate to Australia? How many occupy welfare housing? How many queue for social welfare handouts?”

Could this uncontrolled, mass migration be largely responsible for Australia’s $150 billion welfare bill each year?

Australia’s current national unemployed rate is at 6.2%, yet the rubber stamp on refugees and immigration continues to be dipped in the ink.

“We cannot be the world’s dumping ground for other countries inability to curtail birth rates, nor their inability to feed, house, or give citizens a decent standard of living. If we do not take control of our borders and put in place a net immigration programme, our population will increase, while the standard of living in Australia will decline”, Ms. Hanson said.

The responsibility of Governments towards infrastructure, including roads, water, sewerage, hospitals, nursing homes and schools will continue to be sold off to private companies because they cannot afford to maintain and build them.

“Ms. Hanson warned, “If we do not heed the warnings being presented today, Australian’s face a grim future of extreme third world poverty, where battlers will be unable to afford the basics, including food and a place to call home”. 

“The time for debate on immigration is now”. 

Ms. Hanson said she commends Philip Ruddock for his comments, and calls on our current Immigration Minister Mr. Dutton to fast track changes to our nation’s immigration numbers. Inaction today will have dire consequences on our nation long into the future”.



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