Climate Change? You Decide

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Over the past couple of decades, Australians have been told we are facing Global Cooling, then Global Warming. When that didn’t wash with the public, we were then told it was climate change. Media reports and visions on our televisions show flooding, fierce cyclones and unusual weather patterns. We are told the earth is heating, the seas are rising all due to climate change. 

Many television and media outlets mislead the public into believing that the white smoke pouring out of the power stations cooling towers is carbon dioxide when in fact it is WATER VAPOR (steam).  Carbon dioxide is not “carbon pollution”, a black solid. Carbon dioxide is Nature’s invisible, tasteless, odourless trace gas essential to all life on Earth.

We are told humans are to blame for the change in weather patterns and that the earth is being destroyed. This theory has, and still is being indoctrinated in our educational system, and by our representatives of parliament and their scientific cohorts in toe, to brain wash the general public.

Climate change has become a political football. If anyone denies or disbelieves climate change, they are ridiculed by media and the like. Many have jumped onto the bandwagon and hold very well paid positions. Scientists are happy, for they continue to get lucrative jobs and grants at the expense of the taxpayer.  

Many Australians including myself are very sceptical of climate change, warming, cooling whatever they want to tell us.  

The Globalists actually tried Global Cooling first, but for various reasons it didn’t fly. Look at page 22 in the 1974 Annual Rockefeller Report, and you’ll find the mention of a conference called to investigate “…the future implications of the global cooling trend now underway….”  Things sure warmed up in a hurry.

So what is the “purpose?”  What’s really behind all the global warming hoopla?  Power.  It’s the same old Marxist/Communist/Fascist collectivist shtick, dressed up in new clothes.

Global warming is all about a power grab by a wealthy elite and their collectivist sycophants — using the U.N. as a cover and tool.

Unless we better educate ourselves, listen to the real science, we are in a lot of trouble. The proposal to control people was born from Agenda 21. It was a treaty signed by 178 nations in 1992. Agenda 21 is about Socialist Control, a One World Government. It is designed to form a crisis to unit people around the world….threat of global warming, water shortage, famine and pollution. Then when people are in fear they don’t question but scream out for something to be done. 

How can collecting a tax from people stop climate change, if it is happening? Why would our government jeopardise our standard of living, industry and jobs to collect a tax that will go in the pockets of greedy people, and those wanting to destroy our nation. If people are concerned about the environment, laws can be introduced to ensure industry and businesses are adhering to a clean and safe environment, as we have done in the past. If our government forces this diabolical carbon tax, or under the new guise of an Emissions Trading Scheme on Australians, it will be a disgrace and boarders on treason. 

Under Rudd’s, Labor Government proposal to have an Emissions Trading Scheme tied to Europe is only going to cost Australians more. He is pushing the agenda that Australians will be better off by $380 a year. This has been confirmed it is only 1 year. He is stating that Europe’s ETS is $6 a ton and ours is $25.40 per ton. Europe’s ETS is proposed to be $38 per ton by 2019-20, this is government treasury budget figures. This could also be higher depending what the dollar is trading at. We should not be tied to Europe, we should not have an ETS tax. 

This is taken from the UK Independence Party site

The UK introduced the 2008 Climate Change Act. This Act is one of the most expensive ever passed in peace time, threatening cost of 18 Billion pounds a year for forty years. We must repeal this Act as it underpins all these damaging taxes and red tape policies.

Fuel Poverty In 2009 over 4 million homes in England were classified as being in fuel poverty……that is spending over 10% of their disposable income on fuel. That figure equates to 18% of households, three times the number of households that were in fuel poverty in 2003. Since then rising fuel prices have doubled domestic energy costs and estimates suggest that this figure has reached 6 million households. As a result of “greens” policies, DECC’s own predictions show that by 2020 households on the lowest incomes can expect to see their energy bills increase further, pushing more people into fuel poverty.

I want people to have an open mind and read the documentation I present to you from Malcolm Roberts. 

For further information please go to:

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to know the truth? 

Many scientists around the world do not believe in climate change. They base their evidence on facts, not half-truths and false science. With that knowledge I hope you make the right choice when voting at the next election.

By Pauline Hanson



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