Climate Change Motives

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Consider the bandwagon of beneficiaries of government abusing taxpayer funds to misrepresent climate:

  • Climate alarm is eyed as a major revenue source for international financial institutions seeking to make money out of trading paper credits created out of thin air, out of nothing. They eye massive windfall profits for no outlay or risk.
  • CSIRO’s Chief Executive Dr. Megan Clark was a Director of Rothschild’s Australian bank until 2003. She remains on the Advisory Board of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. CO2 trading will give both prominent international banks windfall profits.
  • Major shortfalls in government revenue dictate yet another massive tax. With a hidden tax people lose sight of it hidden in prices of goods and services.
  • Rules, regulations and restrictions on energy use give governments and international banks control of energy. Through control of energy they control industry and lifestyle.
  • CO2 trading is a UN revenue source. The government has admitted committing proceeds from taxing Aussie families and businesses to the corrupt UN.
  • Academics, agencies such as CSIRO and BOM employed by government and universities rely on government grants corrupting climate science.
  • Salaries for government appointed academics on climate bodies advocating government policy. eg, Tim Flannery’s Climate Commission, Boards of many climate agencies, forums, bodies, …
  • Transferring wealth from taxpayers, electricity users and industry to vested interests such as union superannuation funds through ownership of wind-farms receiving taxpayer subsidies and levies from electricity generators. Industry Super Holdings Pty Ltd Annual Report for 2007 reveals that Greg Combet was a Director of the company until mid-2007. Journalist James Delingpole wrote that “One of the biggest wind farm developers -- Pacific Hydro -- is owned by the union superfund”. Greg Combet’s Climate Change department has donated many millions of dollars in subsidies to Pacific Hydro through the so-called Green Fund. Because electricity is an essential good, these people are in effect stealing money from the poor through a highly regressive tax.
  • Unfounded climate alarm is the third leg of the UN’s Agenda 21 campaign for global governance signed by Paul Keating’s government in 1992. Known as the Rio Declaration it has already stolen private property rights from farmers and coastal residents. It aims to remove people’s private property rights and to control resource allocation, water and finances and energy. It aims to control people’s employment and use of energy, accommodation, transport, mobility and food. Cloaked under the first two provisions of Biodiversity and Sustainability it is destroying industry and livelihoods in Australia and overseas. It is endorsed by the Greens and has been supported subversively by Lib-Lab governments at state and federal level. It is being implemented through local governments under the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives headquartered in Bonn, Germany. It is installing unelected global governance. Its implementation breaches our constitution and destroys Australia’s governance and sovereignty. It destroys the Australian way of life and personal freedom.



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