Climate Change Harm & Pain

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Economic damage:

Cost-of-living pressures are hurting people. We are the richest country on Earth and we’re in the middle of a boom in our primary export industry, mining. Yet people feel vulnerable. Uncertainty is high. Fear is high. Prominent politicians focus on themselves not solutions. Political parties want to control people, not free people. Meanwhile, government waste and debt are rising.  Under government as it has become, people’s lives are not becoming easier, they’re becoming more difficult.

Unfounded, unscientific climate alarm has caused considerable losses in all primary and secondary industries: farming, fishing, mining, and manufacturing.

Aussie jobs are being exported overseas. This has been occurring due to Lib-Lab support for the UN’s Lima Declaration since 1975. It continues to decimate Australian industry, kill employment, cripple rural towns and artificially raise costs of living.

The CO2 tax is accelerating the demise of Aussie industry.

The ALP-Greens alliance has sold us out again. Sold out Aussie industry and jobs.

Australia has by far the longest coastline per capita in the world. Our fishing zones stretch from abundant warm tropical waters to cool Antarctic waters rich with seafood. Yet despite our small population we import two thirds of our seafood. The government is closing massive areas of our coastline to fishing and locking it up Marine Parks, some apparently controlled by the UN.

We’re buying seafood from densely populated countries with lower health standards and with far greater pressure on fish. That hurts the global environment. Transferring jobs overseas throws Aussies on the scrapheap. It reduces our productive tax base to raise taxes.

The government-Greens so-called Murray-Darling Basin “Plan” is based on computerized numerical models that have already got it wrong. We’re giving water rights to Chinese-land-holders and allowing water rights to be managed by Canberra public servants. We’re giving control of water to foreigners and bureaucrats.

Yet the simplest and most basic environmental action to protect the Murray is being ignored because of pandering by the Gillard-Greens alliance to the South Australian Labor government.

Our Northern Rivers meanwhile pour billions of liters into the ocean. Wasted. Prevented by Queensland’s Labor government and Greens activists. This is at the cost of our indigenous, other landholders, industries and regional communities.

Queensland, northern NSW and Western Australian farmers produce amongst the world’s finest sugar cane. Why were we importing sugar from Mauritius and Argentina?

In 1901 60% of Australia’s population lived in regions outside the capital cities. Now it’s 15%. We are depopulating regional Australia, our nation’s food bowl and wealth generator. As population falls, services are cut and de-population accelerates.

Detailed analysis reveals our CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology are politicised and our ABC is biased. We need to restore public service independence.


Each Aussie family, farm, fishing boat and small business is needlessly paying thousands of dollars every year due to avoidance of tax by multinational corporations that now own 90% of Australian business. This occurred under Lib-Lab policies since 1953.

PAYE taxpayers pay almost 90% of Australia’s tax. Corporations around 9%.

The GST and carbon dioxide taxes were needed because corporations are not paying their share. Jim Killaly, Deputy Commissioner of Taxation said in 1996 and again in 2010 that corporations are paying little or no tax and that’s been the case since 1953.

As government bureaucracy increases there are proportionally fewer producers to carry the bureaucrats. As producers are taxed and restricted through exploding rules and restrictions more people enter welfare. That puts more pressure on producers. Thanks to Lib-Lab and the Greens Australia’s wealth generators are carrying ever more. The balance point has passed—producers are groaning under their burden.

Australian farming, fishing, mining and manufacturing are being destroyed. They’ve been handicapped since 1953 by tax. More so since 1975’s signing of the UN Lima Declaration by Gough Whitlam and 1976’s ratification by Malcolm Fraser. All our major trading partners did not vote for the declaration. They bypass the restrictions. Our industry is systematically being destroyed after being sold-out by Lib-Lab.

Greens bureaucracy and control contradicting science is choking what’s left of Aussie industry and initiative. Like much of what they say, Greens’ talk about fairness is hollow. Their actions reveal the CO2 talk is highly regressive. They want it to start at more than four times the initial rate and they want it to rise rapidly from there.

The CO2 tax in poor countries hurts development, economic activity. It cripples development of civilisation and freedom, the keys to peace.

Change is not necessarily reform. The CO2 tax is an addition not a reform. Reform would bring fairness and equity. It would stimulate Australian productivity and exports. The CO2 tax is unfair, hurts the poorest, and destroys productivity and cruels exports. The PM has said it is designed to cause pain to change people’s behaviour.

In developing tax policy we will listen to all Australians, including small business, not just large mining companies BHP, Xstrata and Rio. The shameful free-hand given to large mining companies in designing a tax that produces virtually no revenue cannot happen again. Large multi-national corporations must pay their way.

The Australian Taxation Office and Centrelink each employ nearly as many people as our defence forces. Something is wrong. Almost 50% of Australians now rely on government for employment or handouts.

4.2 Environmental damage:

Canadian environmentalist Lawrence Solomon states that the greatest threat to the environment globally is CO2 trading schemes that turn every blade of grass and all plants into commodities to be manipulated for profit. Evidence reveals he’s correct.

Environmental damage. Imposing the CO2 tax or Emission t    Trading Scheme the Rudd Labor Government is now proposing on Aussie industry shifts jobs, production and energy generation to third-world countries lacking our modern pollution scrubbing equipment. Their old power stations produce real pollutants such as particulates, sulphur oxides, and nitrous oxides. These are scrubbed from our modern generators. In this way the Rudd-Greens alliance’s CO2 tax increases real pollution globally while cutting Aussie jobs and security and our kids’ future.

Protecting the environment requires wealth generation. Wealth generation comes from productivity. Productivity is highest when energy density is high as in natural gas, coal, oil and nuclear. Imagine the state of the world’s forests and whales if natural gas, coal and oil had not replaced timber and whale oil for heating, transport and lighting. Imagine the poor level of science and understanding of the environment if industry had not generated the wealth that enables environmental science.

Thanks to modern power-generation technology, London’s air is now far cleaner than at any time since the 1400’s—six centuries ago. That’s despite adding millions of people, millions of cars and massive industrialisation.

Importing seafood from more heavily fished third-world nations puts pressure on their fisheries. Meanwhile, Australian fishers are being cast adrift and unemployed.

Bureaucratic control in the communist bloc hurt the environment. Since Eastern European nations were freed in 1989, air pollution has dramatically reduced.

Politicians spreading unfounded climate alarm are focusing attention, funds, resources and discussion on a non-issue conjured by corrupting science. They are diverting attention, funds, resources and discussion from real environmental and humanitarian challenges. They are hurting the environment and humanity.

We need to return to addressing real environmental challenges, not implementing UN Agenda 21 campaigns camouflaged deceitfully as environmental issues. In reality they’re intended to remove private property rights and control land use, resources, water, air, energy and finances on behalf of foreign unelected bodies. We will bring these into the open so that the people can see what is really happening under Lib-Lab undermining our constitution, governance and sovereignty.

Humanitarian damage:

John Howard’s government colluded with Bob Carr in NSW and Peter Beattie in Queensland to strip farmers of property rights. John Howard did so to comply with the UN’s failed Kyoto Protocol that he publicly refused to sign.

The Gillard-Greens CO2 tax is a highly regressive tax. It does enormous damage to the poor. Modern Renewable Energy Targets driven by subsidies for home generation of electricity are transferring wealth from poor people to wealthy people.

The ALP-Greens alliance has linked Australia to the bankrupt European Union through its carbon dioxide trading scheme. According to Europol, 95% of the European scheme’s trades are corrupted.

We are in a war to protect our national sovereignty and governance—Australia’s independence. In climate science, our sovereignty has been ceded by the politicised CSIRO to the corrupt UN IPCC. That hijacking has been pushed by taxpayer funds through governments under both the Coalition and the ALP-Greens alliance.

Lib-Lab governments have progressively sold-out Australia’s sovereignty and national governance to the UN and foreign multi-nationals avoiding tax while having a free ride on infrastructure paid-for by the Australian people. The Greens have accelerated the sale and abandonment of Australia. Their latest trick is to align with international financial houses to support so-called trading of carbon dioxide putting Aussie industry deeper in control by international financiers, UN bureaucrats and failed EU bureaucrats.

In doing so Lib-Lab and now the Greens bypass and subvert our constitution. We need to return to governance by our country’s prime governance document: the Australian constitution. It’s recognised as the best national constitution on Earth. It has all the safeguards we need. We simply need to use the safeguards.

Lib-Lab politics is crammed with deceit. Lib-Lab politics puts party spin over substance. Taxpayers, producers and families foot the bill through higher living costs and bloated taxation.

The Rudd-Greens CO2 tax and ‘trading’ scheme is an upward ratcheting open-ended burden designed to be massively increased.

The Rudd-Greens deceit involved bribes in the tax’s first year to hide any impact. Future increases will not be compensated.

The mental health of people—especially children—is constantly bashed with unfounded fear and guilt. Tomorrow’s leaders are growing up in government-controlled education depicting human breath as pollution. Yet a koala’s exhaled breath is part of Nature. Humans are being depicted as outside Nature yet our species evolved within Nature and is a product of Nature.

Humans are not evil, uncaring, greedy consumers as depicted by Greens. We are the only species on this planet capable of logical rational reasoning to identify problems and challenges. With our inherent care for living creatures and plants we take corrective action to protect Nature. This is repeatedly proven. Yet the UN-Greens campaign for control of industry is based on an anti-human propaganda. That UN propaganda caused more than 40 million deaths worldwide from 1972-2006 through unscientific banning of DDT. The death toll from UN corruption of science places it among death tolls of mass-murderers Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

UN ideology is based on The Club of Rome’s proven antihuman policies. They have caused deaths and suffering of tens of millions of people. Its policies to control population led to genocide and to cruel forced sterilizations. It deliberately prevented food aid from reaching the starving during India’s famines last century.



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