Climate Change Corruption

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three major misrepresentations by advocates of unfounded climate alarm have been debunked and documented:

  1. Supposedly “There is significant unusual warming”. Empirical scientific evidence reveals that is false;

  2. Supposedly “There is a scientific consensus claiming human CO2 caused warming”. UN data reveals that is false. Among UN climate science reviewers of the UN’s sole chapter claiming warming and attributing it to human CO2 only five endorsed the UN’s core claim that human CO2 caused warming. That chapter was written by 53 people relying on invalidated computerised numerical models proven to be wrong. Many have significant conflicts of financial interest. There are thousands of scientists who disagree with the UN;

  3. Supposedly “There are major changes in frequency or severity of weather events such as floods, snowfall, droughts, storms, hurricanes, heatwaves, cold snaps, species extinctions, insect borne diseases, ocean alkalinity, sea levels”. These are all false. Global temperature has not changed unusually. Neither has climate.

Guidelines for UN IPCC reports require science to be modified to suit the political agenda.

The world’s peak academic scientific body the Inter Academy Council did a review of UN IPCC processes and procedures. It reported in August 2010. The body of its report proves the UN IPCC is corrupted by political interference, bias, unsupported vague statements, poor treatment of review comments, management problems and is open to conflicts of personal interest.

The UN IPCC has been documented repeatedly as corrupt. Climate gate opened the door on that corruption involving the UN IPCC’s so-called leading ‘scientists’.

The UN IPCC’s latest report, 2007, contains just one chapter claiming warming and attributing it to human CO2. That sole chapter contains no empirical scientific evidence of human CO2 causing any warming.

Each of the four UN IPCC reports to national governments and media (1990, 1995, 2001, 2007) relied on a different falsity. Each report has been greeted by headlines worldwide. Later, each was revealed as corrupt and quietly withdrawn.

The UN IPCC’s claims contradict empirical scientific observations. i.e., real-world scientific measurements and observations. Empirical scientific evidence is the ultimate arbiter of science. The UN IPCC has none and repeatedly contradicts empirical evidence.

The UN’s bogus climate claims now rely on invalidated erroneous computerised numerical models already repeatedly proven wrong by empirical scientific evidence.

The UN’s claim of scientific peer-review has been demolished. The UN and its key contributors have corrupted, bypassed and prevented proper scientific peer-review.

The UN’s IPCC climate body was born in the corrupt UN Environmental Program. It increased UNEP’s corruption of climate science. The UN IPCC is corrupt to the core.

The UN’s harshest critics are UN IPCC contributors, including IPCC Lead Authors.

Major parts of UN IPCC reports have been written by corrupt political activists from WWF and Greenpeace pushing political agenda.

By his own words, the UN IPCC’s first Chairman, Bert Bolin was an advocate for taxing CO2 before the UN IPCC had even been formed. He had no scientific evidence for his position. Thus, the politics was settled before the (politicized) science began.

Lib-Lab governments have wasted taxpayer funds on the corrupt UN.

Julia Gillard and the Greens and some independents formed the Multi Party Climate Change Committee (MPCCC). It was misled on the science by its sole so-called Expert Adviser (Will Steffen, chemical engineer). By his own public words he failed to advise the MPCCC that the body of the Inter Academy Council’s review of UN IPCC’s processes and procedures condemned those processes that are the basis of the ALP and Greens climate policies. Either that or he lied in public. It’s on record. The MPCCC then misled parliament into passing the CO2 tax legislation. Deceit.

The Gillard-Greens alliance gives taxpayer money to Tim Flannery’s Climate Commission and to academics on the climate industry gravy-train. They advocate cutting human CO2 yet have no scientific evidence for their claim and activism. They’re using taxpayer funds to misrepresent climate to justify the government stealing more money from taxpayers through the CO2 tax. Deceit.

Taxpayer funds have been generously wasted on prominent academics who have become advocates for government policy. All have failed to provide any empirical scientific evidence and logical scientific reasoning showing that human CO2 caused, causes or will cause global warming. None has shown that the modest claimed warming from the end of the Little Ice Age in 1800 has been detrimental. This applies to the heavily politicised CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology and recipients of government grants and salaries paid to many bodies and boards advocating cutting of human output of CO2.

Carbon dioxide is not “carbon pollution”, a black solid. Carbon dioxide is Nature’s invisible, tasteless, odourless trace gas essential to all life on Earth. Yet the Gillard-Greens alliance deceitfully labels CO2 as carbon pollution, a black solid. Carbon dioxide is not pollution, it’s essential for life on Earth. It’s natural.

Gillard-Greens MPs have blamed Queensland’s coal miners and power station workers for Queensland’s floods. Those workers are working hard to earn export income for Australia and protect our safety, well-being, lifestyle and security. Deceit.

Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan promised before the election that they would not introduce a tax on CO2. After the election they were pressured by Greens to break their promise to introduce a tax AND a CO2 trading scheme. Deceit.

Tony Abbott has himself admitted to being a strong sceptic on climate science. He’s correct. He rode that to win the Liberal leadership vote. Three days later he conjured the Direct Action plan falsely claiming we need to cut CO2. Deceit.

Many National Party MPs spoke publicly against the corruption of climate science. Then they went quiet. 


The government funded ABC implies in news broadcasts that water vapour in power station smoke stacks and cooling towers is CO2. CO2 is invisible. Deceit.

Putting a price on carbon” is not a market operation. It’s an artificially regulated government control restricting, controlling and ruling human industrial activity and energy use. It’s a hidden tax. Deceit.

The Greens claim to protect the poor. Yet electricity is an essential part of modern living. People have no choice. The tax is highly regressive on the poor.

At first they labelled it a tax on CO2. Then as the people rebelled, they called it a tax on carbon. Then it became a price on carbon. Deceit. Instead, call it as it is: a tax on carbon dioxide. Nature’s trace gas essential for life on Earth.

It’s designed to be dramatically raised without limit to cause, as the Gillard-Greens government stated, pain to change behaviour and control people’s choice.

The Gillard-Greens alliance has linked it to the failed EU’s corrupt CO2 price. Deceit.

The carbon dioxide and climate scam is rotten to the core. Deceit.

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