Citizens Initiated Referendum

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

One Nation accepts that under the Australian Constitution, Sovereignty is ultimately resident in the people. Supreme authority, or power is vested in the people, and the machinery of government is an instrument, whose duty it is to carry out the will of the people. Any changes to the constitution, or adoption of international laws can therefore only be authorised by the people through referendum. Ultimate authority hence resides with the people and not government. Australia must remain a sovereign and democratic Nation devoted to this principle.

The Australian Constitution was designed primarily as a set of rules to govern the relationship between the Federal and State Government; it was hoped that these rules would in no way infringe on the traditional rights and freedoms of the individual.

The most sinister aspect of the continuing campaign to subvert the Federal Constitution has been the misuse of the External Powers by Federal Government in order to enter into international agreement and convention on a wide array of subjects, many of which have traditionally been under State jurisdiction. Then to argue that because of the external agreement the Federal Government had constitutional right of legislate for the whole of Australia even if it conflicted with State and Territory policy. By this procedure Federal Government has without consulting the people by referendum progressively increased their power over all aspects of Australian Life.

Australians were jolted into a realisation of how their Constitution had been subverted when the High Court began handing down decisions that allow International Law to overrule our sovereignty. Justice today is only for the wealthy and is no longer affordable for most Australians. Accountability and selection of the judiciary needs to be reviewed, as often their decisions do not reflect the real world expectations of the people. 

One Nation will not recognise any treaty or trade agreement signed in breach of our Constitution; we will withdraw from them and take the appropriate Constitutional action.

Citizens Initiated Referendum will allow Australians to petition the government and demand that a particular issue be put to a binding vote of the whole electorate. The petition could relate to a new law or a law already enacted, or to change the Constitution. This is democracy at its best. If Australians collect 2% of elector’s signatures in the form of a petition asking for a referendum, the parliament is obligated to enforce it as law or it must be put to the electorate at the next general election. If the petition is to change or alter the constitution is must be put to the people in a referendum. 

CIR is operational in parts of Europe since 1874 and in parts of the USA since 1898, and New Zealand since 1993.

One Nation supports the CIR as a system that allows all members of society to have a direct say in Government decision-making. Representative Democracy only allows individuals or parties the right to decide for the rest of us. One Nation believes in not only upholding the right but the need for all Australians to effectively raise debate on issues of concern and have the mechanism to democratically pursue those issues to produce an outcome of legislative change that is actually the will of the people.



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