Candidate for Capricornia

Friday, April 08, 2016

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has endorsed Keren Armstrong for the Central Queensland seat of Capricornia.

After meeting Pauline 7 years ago, Keren took a keen interest in politics and helping her community, broadcasting out to the region of Bundaberg on her community radio show.

She has since moved to Rockhampton to live with her partner and quickly realised that people on the Capricornia coast were also feeling the struggles of everyday living; the lack of jobs, the slowing mining industry and the rising cost of living. “I have spoken to pensioners that in 40 degree plus heat, are too scared to turn on their air conditioners let alone a fan due to high electricity hikes, its breaking them. They don’t have any windows or doors open as they are scared of being robbed. They do not deserve to live like that!”

Keren believes that many people have given up on the self-serving politicians who don’t listen to them.

“I firmly believe that Australia is in need of a major change and the only person with the vision to lead us is Pauline Hanson. If Pauline is elected to the Senate, I hope to be in the House of Representatives as the member of Capricornia so that I can work closely with her to get this country back on track.”

“I am passionate about Australia and what it has to offer, and it breaks my heart seeing hard working Australians being put on the backburner whilst the government are opening their arms to refugees. Why are they not looking after our homeless? We need to get our own backyard in order, then we can look at helping others.”

Keren has worked in the retail industry for just over 25 years and has gained a lot of experience through small businesses. She has watched many close their doors or cut the hours of their staff over the years and believes that there is too much red tape and unnecessary regulations that small business owners must abode by. “Towns such as the ones within the Capricornia region rely on small businesses for supplies, services and jobs. If these businesses die, the towns die.”

Keren believes it is also crucial that our youth gain the education they rightfully deserve to prepare themselves for the workforce. “The One Nation apprenticeships policy will make a positive impact on our region; our youth will get hands on experience from a mentor and maybe start their own small business one day. The policy will also financially help businesses to train people.”

Keren says that the people of Capricornia will always be able to approach her and explain their concerns, “I will be here to listen and act.” 



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