Stopping The Boats

16 Jun 2015

There is a lot of speculation as to whether the Australian Government paid the people smuggling crew $5,000 each to turn a boat back to Indonesia, carrying 65 asylum seekers. Read More

Fleurieu - Between a rock and a hard place

05 Jun 2015

During my visit to South Australia I was asked if I would like to visit the Fleurieu Milk factory. I was well aware this is the factory that was pilloried from the public for Halal Certifying its product. Because of the public backlash, they then pulled out of it only to once again be condemned from the pro Halal supporters. I was pleased I took the time to visit the factory. I want to support the Australian company, but also stand by my principals of not wanting to pay a Halal tax. Hence I have come to a better understanding as to what must be done in relation to Halal Certification. Read More




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