Our infrastructure won't cut it

25 May 2015

The first national audit of Australia’s infrastructure handed down last week is not a surprise to most Australians. Roads across our nation, especially those in cities and on the outskirts, are gridlocked early morning and late afternoon and heavily congested during the rest of the day.  Read More

Australia Says No To Terrorists

19 May 2015

The federal government is now in secret negotiations with the lawyers of three Australians who went to Syria to fight for ISIS, who now want to return to Australia after 2 years. Read More

Our Budget Response

18 May 2015

Liberal Federal Government Treasurer Joe Hockey, handed down the budget last week, Tuesday 12th May 2015. This annual budget is designed to inform the Australian people where monies collected by the Government, by way of taxes and other revenue will be spent, and how they intend to collect more revenue. Read More




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