So what is China? Friend or Foe?

24 Aug 2014

Much has been said about Clive Palmers’ recent comments on Q & A about China. We think Clive probably regrets his comments and may well have had personal issues influencing his choice of words. But as Clive later said, he makes a clear distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese government. Read More

One Nation Budget cut Enacted by the Coalition Government

20 Aug 2014

In an address to the Sydney Institute on Tuesday (19th Aug), Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said although there were still budget measures yet to be passed by the Senate, the single biggest part of the budget’s savings agenda had already been passed. Read More

Does Abbott finally support One Nation?

19 Aug 2014

On the 17th July we called on decent muslims to stand up and be counted in Australia. We said “you are either with us or against us”. We asked them to resist and report any of their faith who supported terrorism or are planning a terrorist act.  Read More

Australian Terror on the Way ? – Already Here!

12 Aug 2014

ISIS terrorist leader, the man who has proclaimed an Islamic Caliphate, Omar al-Shishani, told Sydney radio station 3AW yesterday that Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf (about whom One Nation has already been warning Australia) is a “good kid” and applauds his killing and torturing of anyone opposed to their new world order (whilst on an Australian disability pension we might add). Read More

This Will Give You Cold Chills!

11 Aug 2014

Geert Wilders is a Member of the Dutch Parliament. In a generation or two, the US will ask itself: "Who lost Europe ?" Here is the speech of Geert Wilders, Chairman, Party for Freedom the Netherlands , at the Four Seasons in New York , introducing an Alliance of Patriots and announcing the Facing Jihad Conference in Jerusalem. Read More

ISIS - Terror in Iraq (Four Corners)

05 Aug 2014

They're known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and they are sweeping across Iraq with frightening speed. They brutalise anyone they perceive as an enemy and then show the results in graphic detail, through a co-ordinated campaign on social media. Read More




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