More Australian Islamic Terror

31 Jul 2014

If it weren’t so true we’d swear we were reading a fiction novel of espionage and terrorism. Yet another case of good old Aussie muslim terrorist action is in the news. The latest is Mohamed Elomar, a Sydney sider who is currently chopping heads off people in Iraq, and proudly sending the pictures if his “trophies” through social media and telling us he is bringing this to Australia. Read More

So Who Was The Terrorist's Doctor?

15 Jul 2014

It has now been revealed that Khaled Sharrouf, a convicted Australian muslim terrorist was receiving a taxpayer funded disability pension over the 2013/2014 period while he was fighting in Syria. Read More

Protect Our Children, At Any Cost!

06 Jul 2014

Not often do I agree with Terry Sweetman, but his comment (SM 6/7/14) that the government needs to immediately put up the extra $104 million to continue the work into investigating child abuse is absolutely correct.  Read More

Why are boat people so special?

06 Jul 2014

Much has been said this week by the left wing bleeding heart mob, the Greens, and Labor about the supposed turning back of the Tamil “asylum” seekers from Sri Lanka, or even apparently worse, handing them over to the Sri Lankan Navy. They are saying it is not good enough to question them on board, four questions we are told, then decide if they can come to Australia, or not.  Read More

One Nation Gun Laws Introduced At Last

06 Jul 2014

This week the federal government finally adopted One Nation's policy of having harsher laws, including mandatory jail time for people committing offences using firearms, including trafficking in illegal firearms. Read More




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