Brisbane Times Attacks Pauline Hanson Supporters

23 Dec 2014

Last week, the Brisbane Times aired an openly biased and appaling article, penned by Brisbane journalist and radio host, Madonna King. One Nation and Pauline are used to negative articles by the media BUT we draw the line when they attack our supporters. Read More

Politics & Rock-N-Roll for Hanson

22 Dec 2014

Newly instated leader of the One Nation party, Pauline Hanson, visited the quiet, rural town of Strathalbyn in South Australia, over the weekend. Invited to attend a breakfast at the town’s Robin Hood Hotel by organisation FLAG Australia (Food Producers and Landowners Action Group), Hanson gave a speech on a variety of topics such as water privatisation, Agenda 21, the right for farmers to farm, youth unemployment and the controversial topic of the Islamisation of Australia. Read More


16 Dec 2014

I am proud to announce that I will be standing for the Queensland seat of Lockyer in the 2015 State elections, due to be called early in the year. Read More

Australian Farmers are the New Refugees

12 Dec 2014
This week's meeting of farmers in Winton (Western QLD) should be the catalyst to enrage all decent Australians into DEMANDING our Government do something. Read More

Response to Greens' Ridiculous Toy Proposal

02 Dec 2014

At first we thought it was a joke. Larissa Waters, the Queensland Greens senator now wants us to stop buying toys for our children which she deems to be “gender specific”. This means no Barbie dolls for girls and no trucks for boys. Read More




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