Pauline Hanson's One Nation Relaunch Speech - 29th November

29 Nov 2014

Fellow Australians welcome. I am proud to announce, that I have been endorsed by the One Nation executive to take up the position as National Chairman and Leader of the party. Also the Queensland membership has voted overwhelmingly today, to change the name back to 'Pauline Hanson’s One Nation', and I thank you for your support. Read More

Hanson Resurrects One Nation

28 Nov 2014

After nearly thirteen years away from the helm of One Nation, Pauline Hanson has once again taken up the reins as National Chairman and Leader of the party, after exiting in 2002.  Read More

A Special Message From Pauline Hanson

19 Nov 2014

Dear One Nation Members and Public Supporters,

Let me first thank you for your support and commitment to One Nation, the party I founded in April 1997. One Nation was born because many Australians felt they were disregarded by other political parties and their voices were not being heard. My platform onto the political stage was nothing more than daring to raise issues that were politically incorrect and having a common sense approach rather than an elitist attitude, but most of all honesty. Australians saw me as a breath of fresh air on the floor of Parliament and flocked to join as members. At the height of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation we had 18,000 members. Read More

Will Australia lose from our China Free Trade Agreement?

10 Nov 2014

Will the Australian-China Free Trade Agreement, which is set to be finalised by Tony Abbott in approximately 1 week, be anything like the one we did with America? Nobody was on watch for Australia when the US/Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act was passed in August 2004! Read More




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