Australia Today - and Tomorrow?

31 Oct 2014

We absolutely shudder to think of where we would be right now if Labor had been re-elected last year. Firstly there would be another 30 to 50 thousand illegal muslim 'asylum seekers' living off the tax payer and telling us how much we have to change our attitudes and laws before they will accept us. Read More

Gough Whitlam - The Highs & Lows

24 Oct 2014

There is no doubt Gough Whitlam was a man of immense influence over Australian politics. He rose to return Labor to power after 23 years in the wilderness. His time as PM was a tumultuous period in Australian politics and will be long remembered. Read More

Dick Smith's Aussie Food - We Salute You Goodbye

16 Oct 2014

Dick Smith, the great Aussie patriot, who put his money where his mouth was and supported Australian farmers and Australian produced food is going out of business due to the simple fact that the average Aussie will not support him. Read More

98% Of Us Must Give Up Our Freedoms Because Of 2%?

14 Oct 2014

The government talks about the economy, unemployment, employment, exports, trade, cost of living, standard of living, education, health and the general wellbeing of our society and the nation as a whole. Unfortunately all this will be meaningless and soon gone if Islamic ideology is applied to the Australian society. Would you start refurnishing the Titanic as it was sinking? Read More

Victims of Crime

10 Oct 2014

We believe the average Australian is getting fed up with our Governments continual disregard for the wellbeing of victims of crime. A recent case where a young man who raped and killed an elderly woman received a minimal sentence (just over a year) and if the woman’s family should name the offender publicly they will receive a longer prison term than the young rapist and murderer. Read More




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