Bruce Highway Upgrade - No Grandstanding

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Queensland Senate candidate Pauline Hanson has fired a warning shot across the bow of Federal MPs Wyatt Roy and Luke Howarth, warning them “to stop pulling the wool over local’s eyes”.

Ms Hanson is visiting the Sunshine Coast ahead of Australia Day celebrations and noticed the taxpayer funded Bruce Highway billboard, claiming the Sunshine Coast LNP MPs are doing nothing but grandstanding. The One Nation leader said “When you are in Government, you don’t need to petition yourself when it comes to vital infrastructure needs. There have been ample studies and reports done that emphasise the need for the widening of Queensland’s longest road, stretching from Brisbane to Cairns.”

Ms Hanson is aware of the growth across the Sunshine Coast, with major local, state and federal works, but questions why the widening of the Bruce Highway hasn’t been given the go ahead. “When you have a stretch of the highway signposted 110km an hour and yet morning and afternoon traffic is forced to do speeds of 60km and less, you have to acknowledge the problem and fix it. Don’t continue to bandaid the issue by saying you’ll do a petition, it’s long past that point”, Ms Hanson said.

Ms Hanson will attend a Citizenship ceremony on the Sunshine Coast on Tuesday morning and host a lunch with local supporters.



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