Brisbane Times Attacks Pauline Hanson Supporters

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last week, the Brisbane Times aired an openly biased and appaling article, penned by Brisbane journalist and radio host, Madonna King. One Nation and Pauline are used to negative articles by the media BUT we draw the line when they attack our supporters.

Madonna King reported that Pauline's "brand of politics appeals to the lowest common denominator, feeding off the lonely, the ignorant and the racist."

She went on to say that Pauline was a "dog-whistler, who provides comfort to racists."

Madonna has disgustingly attacked our supporters who include: 
- Veterans who have served in our wars, some now suffering with PTSD
- Migrants from Indonesia, China, France, Sri Lanka and other countries
- Aboriginals
- Elderly and pensioners
- Farmers
- International Scholars 
- Families
- Emergency service personnel and more good members of our society

Madonna King is the ignorant and bigoted one, not Pauline, One Nation or their supporters. No wonder the mainstream media are fast losing a following, the public do not appreciate biased, negative and incorrect reporting. They also do not appreciate the Brisbane Times, or any other media outlet, giving air to hate speech.

For those who wanted to know how to make a complaint against Madonna and the Brisbane Times, here are some contact details...

Brisbane Times Contact
07 3835 7500

Madonna King Contact

Brisbane Times Editor-In-Chief Contact
(Simon Holt)

Following on are two letters given to us by One Nation supporters:

"I'm a lonely, ignorant racist. So are you, I'm afraid. We know this because that is how Madonna King vilified One Nation supporters in the Fairfax website Brisbane Times last week. 

Appalled and disgusted? So are we and here's why.

Lonely? My wife and I have a wide circle of friends, family and colleagues in journalism, law, agriculture and politics and we are proud to be mates with our rural neighbours, cattlemen, timbermen and battlers.

Ignorant? Maybe, but our former uni colleagues and senior news executives, legal figures and doctors may disagree.

Racist? Now Madonna you really have struck  a raw nerve. You have also puzzled our two-tone offspring and polychrome extended family, not to mention my former workmates in central Africa and India. 
Where were you when my wife was nursing untouchables in India and helping hungry village children in Africa - voluntarily, unpaid and proud of it?
Ever enjoyed the experience of working in a newsroom populated by Africans, Aussies, Arabs, Kiwis, French, Americans, Japanese? I thought not.

And no, it's not about us. I know of so many One Nation supporters and workers with similar experiences to share, with family and friends from all walks of life, from all areas of the globe. Experienced, clever and colour-blind. And did you notice that several One Nation candidates in the past have been from what you would call 'indigenous' background? No you didn't because One Nation does not recognise racial difference and made no mention of candidates' pigmentation. Simply, we are not racist.
A sad and silly article, Madonna." 

By Richard and Mary D.

- - - 

Sick Madonna?
                The logic applied in Madonna King's article "PAULINE HANSON IS THE LAST PERSON AUSTRALIA NEEDS RIGHT NOW" certainly brought on the sick-in-the-gut feeling I experienced as an overflow from the anger I felt after reading Madonna's communist ideology based anti-civilisation themed pathetic attempt to discredit a true patriotic honest Australian, Pauline Hanson.
          I strongly object to her using a deliberate un-original evil worded article where she boldly suggests that I and the many other like minded true Australians who support the truth behind Pauline Hanson's political message are the lowest common denominator, lonely, ignorant and racist
          I imagine the bold and self-righteous Madonna sees herself as aloof and superior to the average Australian.
          I am a strong believer in real life reality and the truth that Pauline stands for, therefore I take Madonna King's devious, calculated vile directive at Pauline Hanson personally and I deeply resent it.
          My personal four point exposition demonstrates and exposes Madonna's devious calculated profiling as malicious and totally void of credibility.
          I have successfully worked all my adult life as a self-employed farmer; I learnt to fly at the age of twenty, passing all phases of the course with an average of 93% and as a consequence I was offered a commercial flight training scholarship which I declined.
          I have written a book titled " This Land is my Land". Published in 2013. It is a damming inditement of our Queensland Judiciary and the Local Government Act.
( Read it Madonna and enlighten yourself ).
          I also confidently suggest to Madonna that my nett worth is at a level she will never achieve through personal effort in her life time.
          In spite of all that I have disclosed so far I am profiled by ignorant Madonna as one of the lowest common denominators.
          She also says if I support Pauline it is because I am lonely; wrong again.
          My wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this year 2014 and we have 3 children and 6 grand children all living within a 2 Km radius, as well our lifetime friends are numerous. The facts are, I have no time to be lonely as Madonna's profiling suggests.
Madonna's profiling continues by saying I am ignorant.
          Fortunately over the last 10 years my wife and I have travelled extensively in many countries throughout the Western world and the Middle East visiting many cities several times on a yearly basis.
          As an interest whilst travelling I observe Muslim immigration and its impact on the societies in key cities and from this I can honestly say I have never witnessed one positive human mutual experience, seen one tangible benefit or read one positive story that would remotely suggest Muslim exploitation of multiculturalism has benefitted all those who are touched by it. The same applied to all phases of dependent incompatible immigration.
          Many other highlights of my life experiences could be shared to enlighten the open minds of others, however in all I confidently state I am not ignorant of world events nor am I racist for believing in Pauline Hanson.
          My family history of positive association with true Australian aboriginals and South sea Islanders is well documented over the last 80 years and today I have many South sea Islander friends who would laugh in Madonna's face if she spoke of me as truly racist.
          Clearly Madonna's inaccurate profiling of Pauline Hanson supporters has no credibility and her obnoxious writing suggests a fifth column like agenda is working here, where Madonna's left wing logic is the real danger that will erode our established way of life if left unchallenged.
          One last item for Madonna's benefit, I would like to share a piece of wisdom that my father gave to me as a young boy. He said " If you are not sure what you are talking about then just shut your mouth."

By Peter W.



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