BRISBANE Islamic TERRORISTS? Surely a mistake!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We sincerely hope we do not offend any muslim groups by mentioning the two terrorist recruiters arrested in Brisbane might be Muslims! Let’s not make anything of the fact they operated out of a bookshop called the “iQraa Islamic Centre” bookshop. I’m sure plenty of Christians and other non muslims also work in muslim centres. We mean they would not discriminate in the workplace. Before we go any further, let's all realise we are writing a satirical article here!

No no, people might mistakenly connect terrorism with Islam. Heaven forbid such an unbelievable and unlikely association. We all know there is no ill-intent among any Australian muslims, all of whom only wish to become like the Australians whose country they came to looking for sanctuary from Islam, ie their own country of birth. 

None of us could possibly even imagine that the muslim asylum seekers and refugees would not do anything other than teach their Australian born children the values of Australians and to respect our laws and culture.

After all the muslims who are so persecuted in Islamic countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Saudia Arabia, Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan etc all came to Christian countries like Australia, America, England, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark etc and have settled in just wonderfully. They must truly love Christian countries! No fleeing to a muslim country for them! 

Never any complaints from muslims about the incredible freedom and respect we offer them, the free housing, the dole, the fact we stop singing our own Christian songs in our schools out of concern for their feelings. Muslims never demonstrate against or cause offence to their new adopted country. Virtually invisible.

Yes they must really love us and no doubt speak so highly about us and would never offend us, call us racists pigs, infidels, dogs, or plan terrorist activities, or cover our Christian country in mosques (which would cause possible offence to many of us). Of course absolutely no Australian muslim would dream of going overseas to fight for any terrorist group or partake of any executions or kill innocent men, women and children, and threaten to bring it back to Australia. 

This is because, just like all the other immigrant groups before them such as the Greeks, Italians, Poms, Germans, Poles, French, Danish, Swiss, Americans, Dutch, plus about another 100 nationalities, muslims have assimilated perfectly well into Australian society.

We have nothing to fear. We must disregard the hysterics and racist comments of the outgoing chief of ASIO, David Irvine, who said today: “The threat (of a terrorist act) has been building here in Australia certainly over the last year or so, and I’m actually a lot more concerned, I’d say I have an elevated level of concern”.

I mean how offensive this must be to good decent muslims, who spend every day trying to tell all other muslims to love us, not hate us. We must not take any heed of ASIO and their rantings about terrorist’s attacks. Even if by some incredible misfortune there was to be a terrorist attack in Australia, I think we all know it would NEVER be caused by a muslim, we have been too kind and understanding and culturally sensitive to them for them to ever treat us like that.

We can all sleep peacefully knowing Australia’s Islamic community loves us just as much as we have come to love them.

Muslims must be welcomed and in fact more should be encouraged to come to Australia to further enrich us with their unique ability to bring peace wherever they go.

Next week we will be writing an article on flying pigs! Stay tuned! ;)



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