Australia's discriminatory citizenship laws against New Zealanders Must Change.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Nation believes that the current unreasonable and discriminatory permanent blanket bans on access to Australian citizenship and government services for many New Zealanders should be replaced with reasonable and proportionate restrictions, such as waiting periods.

Australia’s current laws, introduced in 2001, put a stop to many New Zealanders applying for citizenship and accessing social security regardless of their length of residence. We have opened our borders and our hearts to people from all over the world offering them the opportunity to become Australian citizens, but not to our closest neighbours, our allies and our ANZAC mates.

This was not a bi-partisan agreement between Australia and New Zealand. The change has left many New Zealanders in Australia stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are working, paying their taxes, and raising families, but when hardship hits they cannot apply to receive help from our social security system. Many New Zealanders are then left homeless, destitute and desperate.

I believe Australians would open their hearts to our neighbours. Therefore, I am calling on the government to change the current laws.

Amend citizenship and social security laws to include all New Zealand citizens who;

a. Arrived in Australia as a child; or
b. Has continuously resided in New Zealand for a total of 5 years as a New Zealand citizen.

This would make such people eligible for social security after the usual 2 year waiting period and eligible for citizenship after 4 years residence in Australia, which are the same conditions that apply for all other permanent migrants. 

This would restore Russell Crowe’s eligibility for Australian citizenship. If Russell Crowe is good enough to be put on our Australian stamp as an Australian legend, then why deny him the right to become an Australian citizen if he so wishes.  

Pauline Hanson 



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